2010 bulls roster

As a bulls fan, and with the options that are out there, I believe this would give them a chance at the title, obviously it would be nice if we could move deng and bring in two max FA's but im not considering any trades in this scenario, simply adding through free agency and through the draft.


With only 6 players currently under contract for next year, the bulls have a lot of pieces to add. Lebron, Rose, and Noah, would be a nightmare on the fast break, potentially causing major problems for aging teams such as boston and the lakers. The two major flaws of the bulls last the couple of years has been permiter shooting and inside bulk. Adding James Anderson, kover, and harrington as a stretch 4 would help immensley in this category while providing rose some drive and kick opportunities. Rose has already shown he can get to the basket any time he wants. This is with the defense focused only on him, not having any outside shooting threats last year. Adding shooters would only create more nightmares for denfenses trying to stop him. Oh yea, and then theres LEBRON!! Can you imagine the two most athletic players EVER to play their positions (PG,SF) playing on the same team. Sportscenter Top 10 would never be the same. I aslo think him and rose would play much better off and with each other than lebron and dwade or any other superstar. Rose is perfect cause he is super humble and will not dominate the ball like wade. LEBRON will take some pressure off Kirk and DENG and will allow them to play relaxed and not put so much wear and tear on them. Kirk, along with the rest of the team, will get wide open shots with the d focused on the penetration of lebron and rose. Deng has shown an ability to hit the corner 3 the past two seasons along with his midrange and slashing ability creating good movement to their offense. Noah is a perfect fit for lebron and this team because you dont have to run ANY plays for him in the offense. This will not steal posessions from lebron or clog the lane like a Brook Lopez or Bosh would do, and noah will still put up 12pts 13rbs 2blks. I think the one flaw of this team still remains the inside bulk and thugs downlown needed, especially in the playoffs, and stopping dwight howard,gasol/bynum. Petro and ratliff will aid a little in this area but they obviously would need to improve the bigs. There arent too many big mean 7-footers out there but i believe this team would be crazy good. CHAMPIONSHIPS

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You don't want Wade...Wow He's from Chicago

If he wanted to sign...minus Lebron....You'd say no thanks...We want the Guy who's turning his back on his hometown....Wow...If your a real Homer...You'd want Rose and Wade...And hope the Bulls can get Iguadola for Hinrich and Deng and the Pick...No way you should want LBJ over Wade....

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2010-2011 Bulls roster

PG: Derrick Rose, CJ Watson
SG: Ronnie Brewer
SF: Luol Deng, Kyle Korver
PF: Carlos Boozer, Kurt Thomas
C: Joakim Noah, Omer Asik

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You forgot

first team all rookie Taj Gibson. Korver will take some minutes at SG because we still have James Johnson who can play some minutes at the 3. Hopefully we can trade Johnson away for Rudy and have him play the 2 and Korver play the 3.

Rose, Watson
Brewer, Rudy
Deng, Korver
Boozer, Taj, Kurt
Noah, Asik, Kurt (can play minutes at the 4 and 5)

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complete chicago bulls roster

PG: Rose, Watson
SG: Brewer, Bogans
SF: Deng, Johnson, Korver
PF: Boozer, Gibson, Thomas
C: Noah, Asik

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