2010 ACC Prospects

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2010 ACC Prospects

It seems every year that the ACC puts top notch talent in the NBA draft. In this past draft seven ACC players were selected in the first round. North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Duke are always sending players to the NBA and always seem to reload for next year. UNC had three first round picks this year but they still bring back one of the top prospects in the country in Ed Davis. Another returning freshman, Al-Farouq Aminu, is back with Wake. With the return of Gani Lawal and the addition of Derrick Favors Georgia Tech looks to rise back to the top tier of the ACC. Solomon Alabi of Florida St. is considered one of the top C prospects in the country as well. This are my top ten prospects for the ACC in the 2010 draft:

1. Ed Davis 6'9 PF North Carolina
2. Al-Farouq Aminu 6'10 SF Wake Forest
3. Derrick Favors 6'9 PF Georgia Tech
4. Gani Lawal 6'9 PF Georgia Tech
5. Solomon Alabi 7'1 C Florida St
6. Kyle Singler 6'9 SF Duke
7. Greivis Vasquez 6'5 PG Maryland
8. Trevor Booker 6'7 PF Clemson
9. Deon Thompson 6'8 PF North Carolina
10. Dwayne Collins 6'8 PF/SF Miami

Virginia Tech's Malcolm Delaney just missed the list but he should also be considered. Newcomers like John Henson of North Carolina and Michael Snaer of Florida St. can also play themselves into becoming 2010 draft prospects.

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I think John Henson will prove himself in 1 year, more than half of tha other prospects on this list....

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Loaded Down Low

The ACC will be a rough and tough league on the blocks next season, but there will be a real lack of good guards. We'll see which of these teams can utilize their bigs, and rise up in the league.

A couple of names to add to that list are Sylven Landesberg and Milton Jennings. Both are high quality IQ guys, with solid all-around games.

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Ed Davis??

Okay I understand that people thought he could've been a lotto pick in this years draft, but lets get real. What did he show that was so great last year? He got a few rebounds and runs the florr well, but u can say that about so many players. The only difference is that he has North Carolina across his chest. To say that he is a better prospect than Derrick Favors is insane. I would say that he isn't even the top prsopect on his own team, than honor belongs to John Henson. Don't get me wrong I like Ed Davis and I'm a huge UNC fan, it's just that right now he hasn't proved anything and while he is a nice prospect, I think that there are atleast 2 better prospects in the ACC than him. Also, on a seperate note I think Michael Snaer is gonna suprise a lot of people at FSU next year so watch out for him.

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At the end of the year, Derrick Favors will be picked higher than Davis and Aminu. I guarantee it.

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someone above just mentioned but i really like sylven landesburg. i think the kid is a stud. i think next year he will break out nationally and will easily make the all acc 1st team. dont be suprised if sylven averages 20 a game next year cuz he is a big time talent

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i agree henry ed davis is a

i agree henry ed davis is a question mark as well as all the freshman..more likely then not they wont be first or second team all acc but with there potenial they will get drafted higher...some of the sophs may drop because of the extra year that they weakness will show..there might be one freshman that makes second team but first team will likely be shingler,vasquez,aminu,law,albi...what alot of people dont realize is favors doesnt have great offense of skills yet hes just athletic for his size and weight and strong..which is scarey because one he gets some post moves and a consistant jumper he will be scarey

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