2010-2011 NBA All-Rookie Team

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2010-2011 NBA All-Rookie Team

For my first post, I want to talk about the 2010 nba draft class. Who would you pick to be on the first team all rookie squad and who would you consider a surprise/dissapointment thus far? Also, other than the John Wall, who do you think has the most upside going forward?

First Team
-John Wall
-Gary Neal
-Landry Fields
-Blake Griffin
-Demarcus Cousins

- I have to go with Evan Turner here. He was a player that was deemed as being able to contribute and be effective right away. He had some good moments, but overall was inconsistent. Wes Johnson is a close second.

- This is a toss up between Landry Fields and Gary Neal. Fields was consistent all year for New York and rebounded the ball extremely well. Gary Neal has emerged as an excellent shooter for arguably the best team during the regular season.

In conclusion, my upside pick would have to be Paul George. He plays with incredible fluidity and has tremendous athleticism. He also is an above average defender already from what I've seen from him guarding Derrick Rose, the top point guard as of today(keep in mind he is 6'8). Thoughts?

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I think Derrick Favors has the most upside besides John Wall

Besides John Wall, the player with the most upside...I'm gonna go with the Dark Horse pick and say Derrick Favors. He might even have an outstanding year next year. He's playing behind two great PF's, Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson. So he has a lot to learn from those two. Luckily this is one of his strong suits too. He likes to learn, and wants to get better. He's not so raw as some people tend to think. In Utah he averaged 2 more pts a game than he did in Jersey (from about 6pts -8.5) He also got more blocks and rebounds too in Utah. The only downside is that he picks up too many careless fouls.

But during the month of April he averaged 9.75 pts a game, 7 boards and 1.5 blocks a game. The amazing thing about this is that he did not start to often in April. Only like one game against the Lakers and he still had a good game in this one too. 14pts 11boards and 2 blocks. These are suprising coming from a bench player especially since he was claimed to be so raw by so many critics. I say next year he starts and averages like 16pts, 12 boards and 1.5 blocks. If those are his numbers he could be the leagues most improved player next year. Increasing his averages by 10pts a game, 7 boards a game, and 0.6 blocks. To increase them that much would be just astounding in only his second year, and for being claimed such a raw player coming into the league.

Those numbers might sound too far fetched or even the early prediction of him winning the MIP award might seem astronomical but its not. He did get 16pts a game, 11 boards, and 2 blocks agaisnt the Lakers in the last month of the NBA season when the Lakers should have been playing there best, and he did average 9.75, 7, and 1.5 blocks off the bench practically in the month of April. With his determination, willingness to improve and the fact the he is playing behind two good PF's in the league; who's to say he won't learn and get better. He could even start next year if he practices a lot over the summer which is exactly what I expect him to do.

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