2009 NBA Awards: What do you think?

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2009 NBA Awards: What do you think?


1. Lebron James
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Dwight Howard

Defensive player of the year:

1. Dwight Howard
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Chris Paul

Sixth Man:

1. Jason Terry
2. Nate Robinson
3. J.R. Smith

Most improved:

1. Devin Harris
2. Paul Millsap
3. Rodney Stuckey

Rookie of the year:

1. Derrick Rose
2. O.J. Mayo
3. Russell Westbrook

Coach of the year:

1. Mike Brown
2. George Karl
3. Rick Adelman

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my choice

MVP: Dwayne Wade
Defensive player of the year: Dwight Howard
Sixth Man: Nate Robinson
Most Improved: Paul Millsap
ROTY: Russell Westbrook
Coach Of the year: George Karl

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Dwayne Wade won't and

Dwayne Wade won't and shouldn't win MVP. LeBron deserves it more.

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nba 2008-2009 seasonal awards

1.lebron james
2.dwayne wade

defensive player of the year:
1.dwight howard
2.lebron james
3.dwayne wade

sixth man:
1.j.r. smith
2.nate robinson
3.jason terry

most improved:
1.lebron james
2.devin harris
3.rajon rondo

rookie of the year:
1.derrick rose
2.o.j. mayo
3.russell westbrook

coach of the year:
1.vinny del negro karl
3.stan van gundy

all-nba 1st team:
g-chris paul
g-dwayne wade
f-lebron james
f-dirk nowitzki
c-dwight howard

all-nba2nd team:
g-deron williams
g-kobe bryant
f-kevin durant
f-chris bosh
c-yao ming

all-nba 3rd team:
g-derrick rose
g-vince carter or brandon roy
f-danny granger
f-pau gasol
c-al jefferson

all-nba defense 1st:
g-chris paul
g-dwayne wade
f-lebron james
f-tyrus thomas
c-dwight howard

all-nba defense 2nd:
g-rajon rondo
g-chauncey billups
f-shane battier
f-josh smith
c-brendan haywood

all-rookie 1st team:
g-derrick rose
g-o.j. mayo
g-russell westbrook
f-michael beasley
c-brook lopez

all-rookie 2nd team:
g-d.j. augustin
g-eric gordon
g-rudy fernandez
f-kevin love
f-jason thompson

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i was going to comment but i

i was going to comment but i seen somebody put kobe bryant on the all nba 2nd team, wow i done seen it all now

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DW+DH+LBJ=All NBA First Team+ All NBA Denfensive Team

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most improved

Trevor Ariza

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Tonydaboss, PLEASE stop

Tonydaboss, PLEASE stop writing non-sense. I actually understand you putting Kobe on the 2nd team, but..............

1)LeBron......Most improved? He has been great lol.

2)Vinny Del Negro did nothing to deserve coach of the year. He squeaked his team into the playoffs in the garbage Eastern Conference.

3)Why is Tyrus Thomas 1st team D, and Brendan Haywood 2nd team D. Chris Anderson, Ronny Turiaf, and Tim Duncan plays a lot better defense.

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brendan haywood

did he play that much or any this year, i thought he was hurt.

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first post was spot on

good job.

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I really thought that Danny

I really thought that Danny Granger deserved the most improved player. He went from an above average player, to an elite one in my opinion. The only player that was even close was Devin Harris.

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