2009 Draft All-Stars

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2009 Draft All-Stars

I do not know how many people from this draft will become NBA All-Stars, but I just decided to make a team of All-Stars based on the players of this draft. My teams are the Freshman/Sophomores vs. the Junior/Seniors. This includes international players in either age groups. I based this on who I think will be the best players in the league, not by where they are drafted necessarily. Since this draft is not at all balanced, the bench players are most likely not going to be going by All-Star qualifications.

Freshman/Sophomore Team
C BJ Mullens
PF Blake Griffin (who would probably start at C instead of Mullens if this team actually played)
SF James Harden
SG Tyreke Evans
PG Brandon Jennings
PG Ricky Rubio
PG Johnny Flynn
SG DeMar Derozan
PF DeJuan Blair
SF Omri Casspi
SG Jrue Holliday
PF James Johnson

Junior/Senior Team
C Hasheem Thabeet
PF Jordan Hill
SF Gerald Henderson
SG Wayne Ellington
PG Stephen Curry
SF Earl Clark
PF Tyler Hansbrough
PG Ty Lawson
PG Eric Maynor
SG Terrence Williams
SG Chase Budinger
SF Derrick Brown

Well, those are my teams right now, could choose a few different guys possibly. What would your teams be? Who do you think of this draft will become actual NBA All-Stars (I think Griffin, Jennings, Curry, Rubio and a few of the wings have potential)? Which team would you pick to win out of these two? I would have to go with the young guys, but this would be a good match-up, especially considering that the UNC three guys all won an NCAA title. None the less, would have to think the young guys would be an overwhelming favorite, even with lack of size.

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Good post

Based on just potential, the Frosh/Soph team is running away with this. Imagine if this game was actually played, it'll be worth watching. Hell, it'll make the Rookie Challenge look like a pick-up game at the local Y

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I like the idea

It would kind of cool if they played a game like this, even with the typical 9 player Rookie/Soph teams. If they did underclassmen vs. upperclassmen game before they guys have played, it would be a lot of fun to watch. Both of those guys would really want to beat the other and I feel the older team would play with a lot of fire and most of them have more to prove even though they have played in college longer. It would be more of a battle than Rookie/Soph game, that is for sure, and if it were played before the draft it would be very interesting. The McDonald's game used to boost draft stocks, I bet this game would do much the same, even though it is a bit ridiculous to base much off of one novelty game. I just do not think it would happen, because top prospects always try to compete as little as possible against other top players in the draft. Griffin, Thabeet and Rubio would be definite no's for good reason and I am sure many others would not want to risk it. For the ones that did, I would still have fun watching it though, as long as it had players likely to get drafted, it would be higher level ball than most of those pre-draft camps used to be (Chicago/Orlando)

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