2004 Draft Redo (first round)

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2004 Draft Redo (first round)

2004 DRAFT REDO-- based on potential and team needs measuring players' CAREER accomplishments:

1)Orlando -- Dwight Howard

2)Charlotte -- Emeka Okafor (dont even get me started! Okafor is an amazing talent and has played terrificly his WHOLE career)

3)Chicago -- Andre Igoudala (next michael jordan?? nah.. but damn good. can do almost everything really really really well)

4)Clippers -- Devin Harris (a more reliable and accomplished point than Shaun Livingston)

5)Dallas -- Josh Smith (Dirk, Nash, and Josh would have been amazing!)

6)Atlanta -- Al Jefferson (securing Al with their first of two first round picks!)

7)Chicago -- Ben Gordon (shame..he really should be higher on this list! Ben is a special talent.... chicago lucks out!)

8)Toronto -- Kevin Martin (Vince's long longed running mate and future face of the franchise?)

9)Philly -- Loul Deng (not quite as great as Andre Igoudala but a pretty great teammate and competent small forward)

10)Cleveland --Shaun Livingston (Lebron and a healthy Livingston try their best to become the "pass-first" versions of Michael and Scotty)

11)GoldenState- Andris Biendrins (Drafted exactly where he should have been drafted. A shot blocker and nightly double double threat)

12)Seattle -- Anderson Varajao (They desperately needed size in 2004 and he is an outstanding defender...terrificly unlikable guy!)

13)Portland -- Jameer Nelson (they needed a pg. he's a character guy-- better fit for the "Jailblazers" than a JR Smith)

14)Utah -- Josh Childress (long and athletic and can do most things really well. possible steal of the draft!.. JR Smith slides to...)

15)Boston -- JR Smith (all star potential baller who would have learned a lot from Paul Pierce)

16)Utah -- Chris Duhon (Utah gets some more help at the point)

17)Atlanta -- Trevor Ariza (they need athleticism on the wings big time...)

18)New Orleans--Delonte West (solid defender and 3 point shooter who can backup Chris Paul or play alongside him)

19)Miami -- Tony Allen (Good defender in the mold of Dwayne wade with half his athleticism.. maybe he can learn from Wade??)

20)Denver -- Beno Udrih (an average backup pg/sg)

21)Dallas -- Kirk Snyder (who knows.. maybe with Nash he could have been better?)

22)Portland -- David Harrison (backup center)

23)Portland-- Luke Jackson (hometown favorite.. might have played ok at home??)

24)Boston-- Kris Humphries (whitey boys always get love in Beantown...)

25)Boston-- Sasha Vujacic (not a fan but the Laker fans love him...maybe the Boston fans would too)

26)Sacramento-- Sebastian Telfair(very average in every way. too small and has no jump shot)

27)Lakers -- Sergie Monya (has size and ability to help a team if coached well. Phil Jackson might get something out of him)

28)San Antonio-- Robert Swift (might not suck so bad with Pop as a coach and Timmy to practice with?)

29) Minnesota Had no first round pick *Joe Smith Illegal Signing

30) Indiana -- Dorell Wright (not a fan but has size and ability)

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Hate to say it...

...but not too bad.
I won't get you started, but you could easily switch Okafor and Jefferson without a problem. Just about any GM in the league would take Al Jefferson, bum knee and all, before any of these guys outside of Howard.
Also, Shaun Livingston has been a complete bust, and would not even be drafted if you could predict he was gonna turn his knee completely inside out.
Maybe move Andiris up, but the guys ahead of him are all pretty tough too.
Relatively strong draft, in retrospect, isn't it.

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Not bad and I am with ch15

Not bad and I am with ch15 on this one that Al Jefferson should be close to the top.

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Nice Draft

Too bad you took the idea from the posting under my post copied and pasted it to make your own. And BTW to all on the other post who said that Ben Gordon is too high over Kevin Martin, may I remind you that he is the one on a playoff team and he had 42 pts on 14-24(58%) all around shooting and 6-11(55%) from beyond the arc, along with 8-9(88%) free throws. He doesn't need to be the first scoring option anymore and is able to produce against the defending champs, while Martin can't lead his team as the first option against the Eastern Conference(1-29) which is considered the worse of the two conferences. Don't say that they did that because of the trade, they traded their next two offensive options away in order to rebuild.

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hey jbudsram-13

...the other forum got crazy. I was growing tired of hearing how Kevin Martin is better than Ben Gordon. I was hoping for more intelligent conversation. By the way Kevin Martin fans--Kevin Martin has done nearly nothing in this league. But yes, he has talent and that is why I think he is the 8th best player in that draft. Ben Gordon is a proven game winner and has come clutch again and again. They both are talented. But Gordon is better in my book. That is why he is #7.

Emeka Okafor gets the nod over Al Jefferson because he is a much better defender and has played well his entire career. He is a proven winner too to add to that. Al Jefferson had a break out season the end of last year and start of this year (before he got hurt).

Al Jeff is a good rebounder and offensively potent but I'll take defense over offense unless the offensive player is just out of this world.

Also.. the Bull, Clippers, and Mavs already had all-star bigs and had different team needs. But even measuring the best player available I might not put Al Jefferson ahead of Andre Igoudala, Devin Harris, and Josh Smith. The argument could be made that those three are better players. It really cannot be decided in one season. Al Jefferson was just plain not good before this season. And is this his ceiling? Could he get better? I dont know.

Shaun Livingston was hard to place. I was basing his position on his output the season up until his injury. He was really beginning to be a special player. Who knows what would happen if the Cavs drafted him. Would he have still gotten hurt? Is he just injury prone? It would equally be tough to place Grant Hill in his draft class. Do you place him on his output before his injury? If so he would be #1. I just don't know.

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I only have one problem

I dont think Shaun Livingston belongs in the top 10....I know he's there because of potential but he hasn't accomplished anything in his career besides almost snapping his leg in half!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thats a pretty accurate

Thats a pretty accurate draft redo, there are some changes that I would make but I dont wanna ruffle and feathers.....

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Really close to my re-do

Really close to my re-do switch Okafor and Jefferson and Harris and Iggy I think

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People tend to look at

People tend to look at recent accomplishments..

Al Jeff is great but until he gets back and plays like he has been playing last season for a few more seasons (and a playoff appearance would help!), I'll take Okafor over him.

Devin Harris and Igoudala can swap sure.. I'm actually a Nets fan and really started to love the trade. I have watched Harris all season and like him but I think I like Igoudala a little better. I might suffer from grass-is-greener syndrome but then again Iggy and Andre Miller got their team to the playoffs while Devin and Vince couldn't get my team there.

Shaun Livingston definitely needs an asterisk next to his name. He is there only based on the fact that if he played somewhere else he may not have ever got hurt. Before he got hurt, In his 3rd season at 20 years old, he was averaging 10 points 5 assists 3 boards 1 steal in less than 30 mins games.

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