2001 draft redo

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2001 draft redo

1. Paul Gasol
2. Gilbert Arenas
3. Joe Johnson
4. Tony Parker
5. Jason Richardson
6. Richard Jefferson
7. Gerald Wallace
8. Mehmet Okur
9. Zach Randolph
10. Tyson Chandler
11. Shane Battier
12. Troy Murphy
13. Eddy Curry
14. Jamal Tinsely
15. Samual Dalembert
16. Bobby Simmons

Too many similar leveled players from #1 to # 9

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good choices but id put

parker above joe johnson and maybe even arenas, curry and tinsley were once good but if your basing this on current results instead of career i wouldnt have either on the list

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Here's the way i'd do it

As far as careers thus far.....

1. Paul Gasol
2. Tony Parker
3. Gilbert Arenas
4. Joe Johnson
5. Jason Richardson
6. Richard Jefferson
7. Gerald Wallace
8. Troy Murphy
9. Mehmet Okur
10. Zach Randolph
11. Tyson Chandler
12. Shane Battier
13. Samuel Dalembert
14. Bobby Simmons
15. Eddy Curry
16. Jamal Tinsely

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Yall could at least learn

Yall could at least learn his name. Its Pau. No L at the end. And I would put Parker and Arenas over Pau

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Gasol number one? Really? Parker and Arenas are better players

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u took 3 players over a finals mvp...hmmm thats kinda strange...i dont even like tony parker but his game is real....he is everything mr rubio wants to be

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