20 College Seniors

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20 College Seniors

It's pretty certain that Plumlee, Canaan, McCollum, Oriahki, and Withey will get drafted.

But what about these other college seniors?
Who do you think will get drafted?
Which players need to have a good second half of the season plus a good tourney run to get drafted?

Feel free to add other names to the list if I missed a college senior that has a chance of getting drafted.

1. Rodney Williams - Minnesota
2. Erick Green - Virginia Tech
3. Elijah Johnson - Kansas
4. Michael Snaer - Florida St.
5. Ray Turner - Texas A&M
6. Carl Jones - St. Joes
7. Kenny Kadji - Miami
8. Elias Harris - Gonzaga
9. Dexter Strickland - North Carolina
10. Brandon Triche - Syracuse
11. Solomon Hill - Arizona
12. Zeke Marshall - Akron
13. Milton Jennings - Clemson
14. Kenny Boynton - Florida
15. Peyton Siva - Louisville
16. Christian Watford - Indiana
17. James Southerland - Syracuse
18. Nate Wolters - South Dakota St.
19. Ryan Kelly - Duke
20. Abdul Gaddy - Washington

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Will Clyburn - Iowa

Will Clyburn - Iowa St.
Durand Scott - Miami
Brock Motum - Washington State
Pierre Jackson - Baylor
Richard Howell - NC State
Seth Curry - Duke
Zeke Marshall - Akron

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Rodney Williams will be a

Rodney Williams will be a first round pick based on his standout athleticism alone, Siva and Curry have no shot

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Ray McCallum - PG from

Ray McCallum - PG from Detroit
Derrick Nix - C Michigan State could sneak in at end of second round.
* Just realized how Detroit biased this post is lol

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Ray-Mc a Jr.

Ray-Mc's a Jr.

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McCallum is only a junior, but I think he is definitely an underrated prospect.

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Of that list I could see only

Of that list I could see only Williams getting drafted. Not saying others won't be I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.

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Matthew Dellavedova-PG from

Matthew Dellavedova-PG from St. Mary's. Pure point guard. Good shooter. 6'4".
Mike Muscala-PF from Bucknell. Good shooter for a big. Hits the boards hard. 6'11".

There are worse ways to spend a late second round pick.

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No love for Elston Turner from A&M? He did just drop 40 in Rupp Arena. He's 6'5" and shooting something like 50% from the floor on the season averaging over 17 a game. He's not the most athletic nor skilled player, but he works hard and can score from anywhere.

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Ed Daniel?

What do you guys think about Ed Daniel of Murray St? He's a small 4-man at 6'7 with a huge wingspan. But his athleticism is out of the gym and is a high energy guy that plays above the rim. Mid major guy averaging 15pts, 11rebs, and 2blks a game. He was Eric Bledsoe's big man throughout middle school, high school and AAU. The highlight displays those two put on together was amazing. What do you guys think of his chances making an NBA roster?

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I think Daniels is

I think Daniels is underrated,i doubt he'll get drafted..But he's the type of player that catches a coaches eye in a place like Portsmith and gets invited to training camp,becuz of the things he can bring to a team...

Dude reminds me of a young Ben Wallace

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Alex Oriakhi - Missouri - Has

Alex Oriakhi - Missouri - Has the size to play C in the NBA and is a solid rebounder and 6 fouls for an NBA roster.

Jackie Carmichael - Illinois State - Very athletic do it all forward lost on an underachieving MVC team.

Travis Releford - Kansas - Great perimeter defender and could make it as a 3 and D player in the NBA. Fantastic in transition.

Brandon Davies - BYU - Jimmer's former #2 man, is flat out producing on just about everyone he's played. Hung 26 and 17 on Baylor.

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