2 Weeks till, top 3 picks.

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2 Weeks till, top 3 picks.

With the Draft being 2 weeks away, who is going 1, 2, 3? I will ask this again with 7 days left and again the day before, or day of the draft just to see how things change.

1. McLemore (Even thought I don't like the selection)
2. Burke, tough as hell to call but I don't think they want Noel or Porter, Bennett
3. Porter, Passing on noel because they have Nene locked up for 3 more years.

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I still think we'll see one

I still think we'll see one of those 3 teams trade out of their spot, but as of right now....


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Bold prediction: Porter- Fits

Bold prediction:
Porter- Fits Cavs biggest need and is safest pick
McLemore-Magic need star power and shooting translates
Noel- Wizards have Noel slip to them and regretfully feel like they can't pass on him.

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Yesterday I had the same thing as FutureNBAGM. Today, I just changed it to what Mikez has. Right now, three scenarios stand out to me for the top 3 picks.

Scenario 1: McLemore, Burke, Porter
Scenario 2: Noel, McLemore, Porter
Scenario 3: McLemore, Noel, Porter

I think these are the most likely to happen. As hard as it is to project Cleveland's first pick, I think Orlando's is even harder. And if Washington for some reason didn't take Porter, than I'd be speechless since it's seemed like the perfect fit since the lottery.

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How I think the top 3 teams will pick

If a trade doesn't occur I'd say:

1 - Mclemore
2 - Noel
3 - Porter

But the entire top 8 could be very unexpected...

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top 3

1. alex len
2. ben mclemore
3. otto porter

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i like Len for the cavs, but

i like Len for the cavs, but at #1??

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i'm very hogh on A.Bennett

1. 8Porter / Bennett
2. ben mclemore / Burke
3. Len / Noel

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