2 chicago tdade ideas

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2 chicago tdade ideas

chicago gets : okafor and washington 1st round pick

washington gets : deng and chicago 2nd round pick


chi gets: varejao and 1st round pick from cleveland

cavs gets : deng and 2nd round pick from chicago

why??wizards and cavs have a lot of talend so they need a good all star veteran player to go to the next level and deng is an exellent player for both teams...

chicago loose deng but they can do so much things!!first they can draft porter dipo mclemore or buzz with the first pick and pope hardaway franklin or goodwin with the second firts they have a rotation in 2 and 3 with butler hamilton and the two other players...and in 2014 the amnesty booz and with the axpiring contracts of okafor hamilton and hinrich the have more than 25milion to do magic with an allready good core of rose,noah,gibson,butler,goodwin or someone else...

chicago rotation : C:noah/okafor or vareajao
PF: booz/gibson
SF: butler/porter
PG: rose/teague or robinson
second chicago can amnesty booz and with the money sing mayo or iggy or jr smith and with the draft picks they can choose pf/c with the high pick and sg/sf with the others or the opposite...

chicago rotesion c:noah/varejao or okafor
pf : gibson/noel or benett or zeller
sf:butler/draft pick(20)
sg:majo or iggy or smith/hamilton
third they can amnesty booz and sing milsap or big al and with picks draft porter and the BPA with the others..

chicago rotasion: c: noah/okafor or vareajao
pf : milsap/gibson
sf: porter/franklin
sg: butler/hamilton
pg :rose/teague

in any case chicago will have a young and competitive team to work together and do something special....

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bulls won't trade luol hes

bulls won't trade luol hes too important and a great player to risk on a high draft choice that could turn out to be a bust
i reckon they would be able to get something decent from jimmy butler and taj though

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