1st Team All Americans

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1st Team All Americans

Who would be your 1st team all americans?? Mine is Stephen Curry, James Harden, Luke Harangody, Blake Griffin, and Tyler Hansbrough. I think that Jeff Teague, DeJaun Summers, Hasheem Thabeet, Damian James, and Jodie Meeks should get some consideration. What do u guys think???

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take out the big man

I dunno about Harangody...he puts up his points, but takes about 25 shots a game and his team is spiraling out of say replace him with someone like Dajuan blair who is probaly the best offensive rebounder in the country, and arguably the best center in the toughest conference. Sam Young from pitt is also very good. Thabeet wont stand a chance against blair i dont think, it could get ugly....maybe if AJ price gets UCONN consistent id throw him a little bit of consideration.

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1st Team
PG- S.Curry, above avg playmaker and elite scorer
SG- J.Harden, does it all on offence
SF- J.Meeks, unreal scorer and abov avg defender
PF- D. Blair, ..a monster on the glass at both ends
C- B.Griffin, can score, defend and rebound, what more?

2nd Team
PG- J.Teague, still learnin the pt, but big time scorer
SG- Aj. Price, clutch scorer, can take over a game
SF- G. Henderson, shedding the rust from last yrs disappointing campaign
PF- K.Singlar, great skill set for a 4
C- H.Thabeet, best shot blocker in the country

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Steph Curry James Harden Sam

Steph Curry
James Harden
Sam Young
Luke Harangody
Blake Griffin

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2009 Consensus All-American teams

Consensus National Player of the Year
Blake Griffin, Oklahoma

Consensus National Freshman of the Year
Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest

Consensus First Team

C - Blake Griffin, Oklahoma
F - Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
F - Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina
G - James Harden, Arizona State
G - Stephen Curry

Consensus Second Team

C - Hasheem Thabeet, Connecticut
F - Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest
F - Earl Clark, Louisville
G - Gerald Henderson
G - Ty Lawson, North Carolina

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anybody who doesn't have hansbrough first team is doing it purely out of spite, nasmatic i dont know if you watched carolina demolish notre dame, when harangody had i believe either like 13 points and a ton of awful forced shots and hansbrough had over 30 and well over 10 boards, but T is definatly a first teamer. Sam young wouldn't be ahead of his Teammate blair. my first team is pg jeff teague sg steph curry sf james harden pf blake griffin c tyler hansbrough and if there was a 6th man it would be blair

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C-T. Hansbrough (duh) also Player of the Year
F-B. Griffin
F-Robbie Hummel (Boilerup)
G-S. Curry
G-J. Teague

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1st team

PG- Stephen Curry SG- James Harden or Jodie Meeks SF- Kyle Singler PF- Blake Griffin C. Tyler Hansbrough. Player of the year should be Blake Griffin, but if North Carolina goes to Final Four I think Tyler might get it, why? Tyler Hansbrough owns college basketball.

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