1998 and beyond rankings

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1998 and beyond rankings

Can someone give me international basketball player rankings for 1998 please? Also, could you list good possible international nba prospects born after 1997. Thanks

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you came to the right place.

you came to the right place. Dennis is originally from Wolfenbüttel, where I played from 07 to 09 and his u14 team always had practice right before ours. If he gets drafted in the lottery, you will probably hear the story of how a coach saw him in a skate park but thats not the whole truth, he was playing ball before that.

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Watching Bogdan Bogdanovic

Watching Bogdan Bogdanovic last season, and in certain games in the WC, he looked NBA ready. A guy like Ante Tomic would also thrive. He is a 7'2" centre who can play. Only problem is he is already 27 yrs old.

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