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They made a big deal about Rubio being the first player of the 1990s but that is not happening obviously... with everything going on.

at first I was confused why he was eligible because hes a late 1990 and most of the freshmen are born in 1989... I guess even if he was a high school junior he'd be eligible for the draft.

this rule seems to go one way... the Europeans are allowed to be 18 as long as they turn 19 before the new year while Americans have to be 19 at the time and one year out of high school... It seems a bit unfair

I actually have a question to everyone related to this... if Jeremy Tyler (high school junior who left for europe) gets his GED by now or so... would he be eligible for the draft next year because this could be another loophole to this terrible rule.
- this is comparable to that baseball phenom Bryce Harper that left 2 years early to go to community college and be eligible for next years draft

Since Rubio isn't coming over, the honor of the first player of the 1990s goes to Jrue Holiday!

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Well your wrong first

Well your wrong first off.

Americans are 19 by the end of the calender year and a year out of high school
International- is just 19 before the calender year.

And yes Jermey would be able to be in 2 years from now draft if he got his GED before this years draft.
Remember it is 19 for Everyone before Dec. 31st

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Well lets say that american

Well lets say that american college is equal to the european pros. You can play in the pros in europe whenever you want. You have to graduate high school to play college. So european players can get the experience and exposure before their 19 so they don't have to wait. American players don't get that same opportunity until after so they wait.

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Bryce Harper

We'll see in 5 years if he's the truth.

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