10 qestions plus answers about ricky rubio

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10 qestions plus answers about ricky rubio

1 where he played after the 2009 draft?

after he played 4 seasons at joventut badalona he was tranfered to fc regal barcelona for the 2009-2010 season.

2 how where his stats?

in euroleague avreeges 6,8 pp 4.1 ap in 21 minutes.

3 how his contract looks like?

he has sign a 6 year contract with barcelona. there are rumers that he gets a lttle bit less than the 5.6 mio that he would get at minesota.

4 when we can see him in the NBA?

no before the 2011-2012 season. david kahn wants to bring hin to minesota earlier but he doesnt want to come now in europe he playing in the best europen leaue and has every year a very good eam arond him

5 will he play for minesota?

rubio hasnt sayed something against or for minesota a fact is that minesota isnt a top adress in the nba
but minesota hasnt think aout trading rubios rights.

6 has rubio in the nba star potenzial?

since magic and jason williams teh nba hasnt seen such spectcular passes. he is a vry good ballhandler and has a very high basketball IQ. is this enough to become an all star? fact s that he has to adapt his game on the nba.

7 which part of his game he has to work on?

defenetly on his shoot. his shoot looks much better (when you think 2 years back) also on his body ( not nba ready)

8 why he is anyway so dangerous?

he has that gift any good point guard must have, he can anticipate game situations evan in crunch time.

9 and his defense?

his defense is very good he has long arms weakspan (6,9) and has quick hands. but he will have problems against very fast guards like rondo but who has not problems against him.

10 is the hype able?

his carrer is one-off he is 20 and has won every think waht you can in europe. titels in europe ar nice but in the nba you are ranked by nba chamionships and not by euroleague titls.

i hope you like it and please excused my english because i am from germany

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