10-11 Statistical Leader

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10-11 Statistical Leader

Pts: Durant 32-35ppg
Rebs: Howard 13-14rbs
Ast: Paul: 11.1asts
Stls: Paul: 2.8stls
Blks: Howard: 3blks
TO's: Wade 4to's per game
FG: Howard: 63%
3pt: Curry: 49%
Ft: Curry: 91%

Notes: I have Durant leading the league in scoring next because of the fact that he's improved his scoring at least by 4-5 points since coming to the NBA in his rookie year. LeBron's out of the running I think because of going to Miami but Carmelo could be the darkhorse to win the scoring battle because he's in a contract year but I'll go with my gut and say Durant

I think Paul will lead the league in both Asts and Stls because I feel that he'll come back this season and have a Dwayne Wade type year like what Wade had 2 seasons ago after the historic USA gold medal.

The reason why I have Wade averaging 4to's per game is because I feel that with LeBron and Bosh both on his team, he'll try to do so much at times like he's done in the past even though LeBron and Bosh can relief pressure from Wade having to do so much. I feel that Wade will try to elevate his game this year even with the new team and it will lead to alot of turnovers

I could get alot of heat for putting Curry eading the league in Ft percentage next year but something tells me that Curry will put in the work on his 3point and ft shooting this coming season. Remember how this season, it seemed that how Curry was just taking a back seat to Ellis and just getting the feel for the NBA game? Well I feel that now that he has gotten a feel for it and a year under his belt, I feel that he can start being confortable doing some of the things he was famous for doing in college and with a more improved jumper, it'll be scary what he could be capable of doing next year.

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Durant would seem a logical

Durant would seem a logical guy to be leading scorer as both LeBron and D-Wade will affect each other's PPG and with Bosh in the mix as well. Kobe tends to mind his minutes a bit in the regular season so is down a few PPG than when he played those extra minutes. Melo may be Durant's nearest challenger as I could not see Danny Grainger for example getting to 28ppg which you tend to need to be in the mix to be scoring champion.

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scoring -Kevin Durant - 29.9 ppg
rebounding -Kevin Love - 14.2 rpg ( taking a gamble with this one, but will get more minutes this year and got 11 in only 28 mpg )
assists - Steve Nash - 11.3 apg ( I think this is Nash's last big year before age causes his production to drop a bit )
steals - Chris Paul - 2.9 spg
blocks - Dwight Howard - 3.3 bpg
feild goal % - Dwight Howard - 60%
3 point % - Kyle Korver - 51%
free throw - Steve Nash - 93%

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