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Thats the thing, anyone that

Thats the thing, anyone that has watched him alot knows he isn't just under the basket. You think the rest of us and the scouts that watch him are making it up that he has a good midrange jumper?.. You can see that just by watching the Purdue game even if he was missing the shots. Every game he steps out free throw line extended or on the basline and hits a shot with very nice fourm. On top of hitting jumper after jumper while in Highschool. Its not even debateable if he can shot or not because everyone except ou seems to know he can shoot. And thats a great thing because all these other undersized PF in the NBA ( Boozer,Brand,Blair,Haslem,Millsap) had no jumpers as freshmen ( other than Love) and they weren't as dominate as Sullinger is as freshmen

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lake show

May as well give up. No way he changes his mind

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