#1 pick simulation

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#1 pick simulation

Since the number one pick is being debated either taking Nerlens Noel or Ben McLemore, if every team in the lottery had the opportunity to make the number one pick, what player would each team select? For example, if Phoenix won the lottery who would they select and why. If Orlando won the lottery who would they select and so on.

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#1 Pick Simulation

Orlando: Ben McLemore - This is a hard choice, SG is a bigger need now, but I think Noel may be the better fit long term.
Charlotte: Nerlens Noel - They need a SG and a PF so they can't go wrong here. MKG/Noel would be great defensively.
Cleveland: Nerlens Noel - Just drafted Dion Waiters last year. No need to use #3 and #4 picks back to back on SGs.
Phoenix: Ben McLemore - Another team who could go either way. Could get Josh Smith to pair with Ben, but unlikely.
New Orleans: Nerlens Noel - Already have Eric Gordon. Shot block city with Davis/Noel.
Sacramento: Nerlens Noel - Could be a great compliment to Cousins. Kings don't need SG as much either.
Detroit: Ben McLemore - Have Monroe/Drummond and SG is a need.
Washington: Nerlens Noel - Just took Beal, so they'd go for Noel.
Minnesota: Ben McLemore - Noel could make Love expendable, but McLemore would make them a playoff contender.
Portland: Ben McLemore - This was tough, but Lillard/McLemore would be sweet. But so would Aldridge/Noel.
Philadelphia: Ben McLemore - Could go either way, but McLemore fits more of a need right now.
Toronto: Nerlens Noel - I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Toronto gets the pick if they land top 3 and they just took Ross.
Dallas: Ben McLemore - They could bring back Mayo and take Noel or let Mayo walk and grab McLemore. Too early to tell.
Utah: Ben McLemore - Guard is a bigger need in Utah without a doubt.

So that's 8 McLemore's and 6 Noel's. Pretty close, especially considering some teams could really go after either of them. If I'm a GM and I realize I'll likely be in the lottery this year and next year, I would take Noel. But if a team from 8-14 range leaps up and needs a SG, then maybe I could see McLemore. I just think Noel has the most potential, and you can bring him along slowly. By bringing him along slowly, you would most likely be losing a few extra games, but keeping him healthy, but it would work out since you could land another top pick the next year in a better class.

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I agree with everything on

I agree with everything on your list except Orlando. I feel that they would take Noel. Having affalo at sg to me is good for them as I feel that he one of the more underrated 2 way players in the NBA and I think he can be solid for them there. And I also feel having Noel beside vucevic is a good fit. He could be the anchor of that defence and cover up a lot of his mistakes. Having Noel harkless and affalo would be a very good defensive start to me and knowing Vaughn since he coached under pop and played for him he know defence is what will make his team good so having Noel would be great for them. And they wouldn't need a whole lot of offence from him cuz they have vucevic who I think will be a pretty solid low post scorer and also has a good jumper. So could u imagine having both of them crashing the glass on both ends of the floor? That would be pretty scary considering they seem to be rebounders who do it in a different way. Vucevic boxes out pretty well and is a big body while Noel is long and has great bounce in his game (hopefully he can come back fully recovered). Also having Harris who can also play as a smaller 4 would allow Noel to play a bit of center which could be good depending on who the match up is.
I also feel the Nicholson would be better suited to be very productive big of the bench and this would give them great depth in the front court which is something that a lot of teams lack these days

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I also think that at the

I also think that at the moment it's between McLemore and Noel, this is how I have it.

Nerlans Noel

New Orleans

Ben Mclemore


So 9 for Noel, 6 for Mclemore

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This thread just reminds me

This thread just reminds me how freaking weak this draft class is. Niether one of those guys is remotely close to being a franchise player. Both will need seasoning before they are legitimate contributors. If I had the top pick in this draft I would ship it to the highest bidder without thinking twice about it.

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Noel vs McLemore

In My opinion Noel Will go first... But i'm nota NBA Gm... So McLemore Will go first due to Noel knees

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I agree with you fcb206.

I agree with you fcb206. There's just not that type of player that you say "wow this guy is hands down the best or this guy is our franchise player".

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