#1 Pick Not Barnes?

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Im with you on that. Barnes

Im with you on that. Barnes hasnt showed me much either accept the fact hes 6 7 with great gaurd skills I love that he has a shot also but other the that I have seen him play I was more impressed with jared. I look at jared as the number one pick as of now he showed ball handling a litte better then cousins in end of game situations he's more perimeter oriented then demarcus"who was drafted 5th" not a better passer or playmaker but it seem hes more comfortable out of the post as if he was inside.on the next level he might not be as much but now he is and it will carry over to the next level somewhat hopefull he has the same succes.So hopefully he shoots up the mocks and performs well.................perry jones has plenty gifts but doesnt open them the rite away at times. so he can slip like a deandre or lance because of a certain problem.Rember in draft history Size is one the leading factors in "bust".

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most if not all people who

most if not all people who haven't seen much of tobias( just the mcdonalds game even though he was on his way to mvp consideration before he broke his foot, one or two games) Aren't as high on him. Most of the people who have seen a nice amount of games on him wouldn't be surprised i he ended up as a top 3 or number one pick because of his skill level( he's above average in every aspect of the game) had a couple of triple doubles this year,very hard worker, and gets remarkably better every year

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I wouldnt say that he is more

I wouldnt say that he is more athlethic then Beasley but you have seen more of him then me so what i know

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Not hating on the kid, but

Not hating on the kid, but I've watch videos of him and he hasn't really impressed me that much except dominate on some guys so much smaller than he.

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