#1 OSU v. Wisconsin Part 3

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#1 OSU v. Wisconsin Part 3

OSU is back on top of the CBB rankings which sets up another showdown vs the Badgers on Sunday. Wisconsin beat undefeated #1 OSU a few weeks ago to give them their first loss of the year. Plus the UW football accomplished the exact same feat back in October.

But strictly basketball-wise I was searching a little bit trying to find this but couldnt but Im assuming that no team has ever beat the same #1 team twice in the same season. I dont even know if anyone has beaten two different #1s in the same year... Anyone know??

If Bucky does take them down again they should be in line for a possible 2 seed in the tourney which would all be incredible considering how overlooked UW was coming into the season (and every season). Im sure OSUs players and fans are gonna come out pretty pissed off though and should be a great game.

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Extra Incentive

Sullinger claims he was spit on by a Badger fan after the WI fans stormed the court in WI a couple of weeks ago. Look for the big guy to be up for the rematch.

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I don't think the Badgers

I don't think the Badgers beat them this time since they are playing at Ohio St

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