1 Deadly (Random) Thought (Bledsoe, Lamb, Williams)

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1 Deadly (Random) Thought (Bledsoe, Lamb, Williams)

Looking around the league, I am fairly pleased with most teams. Teams that are good, seem to have a plan in place to compete for a championship. Most teams that are bad are trying to find their cornerstone for the next 10 years. And alot of the teams in the middle are waiting for more exprience or waiting on injuies to heal.

However, they're is 1 team that just upsets me.. Not because I am a fan of theirs but it is because I dont see much direction for them. That team is the Orlando Magic. I know they traded Dwight for quite a few nice pieces and a couple draft picks. I just dont see the directon..

First, as a team, they are over achieving, which is a great thing if you are a contender. However, it sort of hurts the Magic. Instead of getting high draft pick, they will get a mid to lower one. That will keep them exctly where they are now unless they get a major steal.

Now lets look at the players.

Nelson is a nice PG that would be a superb backup to a contending team, however, he isnt good enough to push this Magic squad into the upper level of teams in the East.. He is wasting away his good playing years (He only has a couple left at this level) helping a bunch of role players overachieve to nothingness.

Aflallo is a SG that any team would love to have, but just like Nelson, he isnt good enough to carry this Magic squad to a serious playoff run. But, put him with a contending team and he becomes a defensive stopper an a 3 point shooter. He could help a great team add another element to their, already great, team.

I love JJ Redick but he is having his best year and it wont matter down the road. The worst thing that has happened to Redick in the past few years is when the Magic matched the Bulls offer sheet. Redick would be an amazing fit with the Bulls.

Glen Davis is the perfect PF/C to bring off the bench because he provides great hustle an has a lethal mid range jumper, however, he is being asked to carry all the weight in the paint. While he is having a good year, he is better served playing 20 minutes night going as hard as he can for a contender.

Hedo, Harrington, McRoberts, Ayon, and even Ish Smith would all be better on other teams where they would provide a contender with valuable mintues with the second team.

Guys that I like:

Vucevic is a nice C/PF.. I cant decide if he is a starter or not. He combines a unique skill set, a great jumper from long range, with a fantastic body and high motor. However, I dont know if he is smart enough to be a starting center on a team that matters.

Nicholson is a decent looking PF but he is skinny with narrow shoulders so I dont see him being able to add much bulk. And at 6'9ish without great jumping ability, you have to be very strong to bang with big men every night. I see him as an energy man off the bench.

Harkless is the only guy on the whole roster that I think is a long term starter. (Vucevic is up in the air.) On the right team, not this one, he can play within himself and be very good. He has fantastic size for his position and is a great athlete. If his job were to defend the other teams best wing player, rebound, and provide 10-12 points, he would be good. With a push in the right direction, and I think that Vaughn can do that, Harkless could become Caron Butler a the very least and an Andre Iguadala type at his peak.


This would give their team some direction and allow them to build a team with young players and add FA types around them.

1st Priority: Get Eric Bledsoe at all cost.
I think that Bledsoe can become a PG that is an absolute game changer. Think of him as a Russel Westbrook/Derrick Rose type player. He wouldnt be as good as those 2 but he would play that style with close to that athleticism. If the Magic can get him by the end of the year, giving up anything that is asked for, I would consider the move a success. I dont know what it would take to get him from the Clippers. Probably a lot. But I think it would be well worth it. He would resign with the Magic because they would be his team. There would be zero threat of someone taking his spot of him having to share time with someone.

2nd Priority: Get Derrick Williams without giving up Vucevic.
This is assuming that Beldsoe is on the roseter and Vucevic was not traded for him. IMO, Williams would not be too hard to pry away from the Wolves. While Shved is playing well, they still need some depth at SG. Aflallo would be a great fit with the team. He would play off Love and Rubio while defending at a high level. Probably thow a pick their way too and Williams could be wearing blue.

3rd Priority: Jeremy Lamb would be a fantastic compliment.
The Thunder are trying to win now. Their window for a championship is going to be fairly short. Maybe 3-4 years max. When you dont have prestige (Lakers, Celtics, Knicks) or a great city (Heat, Clippers) It is hard to be a contender every year for 10-15 years. Therefore, I think that Lamb could be had if someone provides a piece useful to OKC. If Nelson was no used in the Bledsoe trade, he would be a nice fit. Glen Davis could provide an intersting change of pace as well.

PG: Eric Bledsoe
SG: Jeremy Lamb
SF: Mo Harkless
PF: Derrick Williams
C: Nikila Vucevic

This team now has a direction. They now have excitement. They now show promise beyond a flash bang apperance in the playoffs..


Thanks for reading!!

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whats wrong with &$#%#&@!????

whats wrong with &$#%#[email protected]!????

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Not a thing man.. Not a

Not a thing man.. Not a single thing!

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Jeremy Lamb, Derrick

Jeremy Lamb, Derrick Williams, Ed Davis, Wes Johnson could all be buy / trade low assets that could work out well for any team wanting to give them a chance. Bledsoe is great, but the Clippers would unlikely to let him go....

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I agree but I dont think that

I agree but I dont think that Davis or Johnson have what it takes to turn a franchise around.

I think that they Clippers would get rid of him for the right price but it would be alot.. He is their insurance policy for CP3 leaving town.. A good SG/SF would go along way to getting Bledsoe. One much better than Aflallo..

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I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your logic. I don't like that the Magic are a team with little direction yet in the middle of the pack. They're in a similar spot the Rockets were in the past few years. Just hanging around..

I don't know if they'd be able to aquire Jeremy Lamb. I know the Thunder aren't using him much now but I doubt they'd go after Nelson and/or Glen Davis. He still has 4 years on his rookie contract so he's a cheap asset with a good amount of upside, just isn't playing much. And considering Kevin Martin is getting older, I think they want him to take over Hardens 6th man role in a few years but they're being patient with his development. Don't think they trade him away after he was a key asset in their blockbuster trade, or at least not yet.

I really like the Afflalo/Williams swap idea though. Roy clearly hasn't worked out but Afflalo would be the absolute perfect fit with this team. A true SG, 6'5, good defender on the perimeter and spot up shooter. Rubio would get him open looks so he'd essentially be able to play off the attention Rubio and Love get and focus on defense. And as a team the Twolves would be dangerous defensively. Rubio/Afflalo/Kirilenko would be one of the best perimeter defensive units in the league, and would help make up for the lack of D that Kevin Love brings. And in turn, the Magic add a potential filled young piece in need of a change of scenery and bigger role. Best trade idea i've heard on this site in a while. Not a blockbuster, but not every trade has to be a blockbuster to benefit all pieces and teams involved.

Would take alot to get Bledsoe from the Clippers. He's playing well as Pauls backup and if they can't re-sign Paul this summer, he likely becomes plan B (unless they sign someone like Brandon Jennings or Tyreke Evans, both of whom are free agents) and would build around him, Jordan and Griffin. At the same time, when Chauncy Billups comes back the guard spots in LA will be crowded again. Between Billups, Crawford and Paul, as well as occasionally Willie Green, the Clippers would have the luxury of moving him to add a good frontcourt piece and/or draft pick if they felt confident in their ability to re-sign Paul. I'd love to see Bledsoe get his own team, and the Magic would be in a much stronger position moving foward if they could aquire him.

Also agree with r377. Wesley Johnson seems like a target of a young player with some upside as well.

All in all, some good ideas, hopefully the Magic can unload a few of these veteran contracts and get some assets before the year is up. Certainly giving you a thumps up for those ideas though, considering all the bias blockbuster trade ideas floating around this site over the past few days, this is like fresh air lol.

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its clear that the clippers

its clear that the clippers dont want to let go of Bledsoe, he is contingency plan if chris paul leaves them, and i read on some thread in here that clippers have a plan to play him the 2, like what avery bradey is doing,

Going to the Magic, The magic wants to compete, remember the Nuggets when they traded away carmelo?, i thought they were going downhill, but with magic of Masai Ujiri (There GM) they still compete, they clearly dont have the star talent back them but they played well, they develop good chemistry with each other. The magic is currently doing this, competing for every game although this would mean having a late lotto pick, but its fine because they are establishing there new Image,

One more thing, Bledsoe, Derrick Williams and Jeremy lamb would be hard to get, they would be disecting there team + future draft picks

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The one issue I could see

The one issue I could see preventing Orlando from being able to trade for Bledsoe is the Clippers' bench. Because they have depth, I think they'd be unlikely to trade Bledsoe for a few pieces equal to his value. After all, they already have some minute issues with CP3, Green, Crawford, Billups, and Bledsoe in the backcourt.

Here're my long-shot thoughts on how they could swing it (but it involves breaking up your plan, to an extent):

Vucevic and Orlando's first-round pick (maybe top 3 protected?) to LAC for Bledsoe and Hollins. Vucevic gives LA a serviceable big man off the bench, and the draft pick gives them options.

As for a Williams for Afflalo, I do think it's a great idea, but you'd have to involve another team to make the salaries work.

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Honestly, I think that

Honestly, I think that Bledsoe would be so vital to this team, that they could give up anyone for him. Right now, the Magic's identity is a team that will out work you.. Bledsoe fits that mold but would give them a "Star" type player to be the face of this hard work team.

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I think the Clips will trade

I think the Clips won't trade Bledsoe. Also that 5 might be good in the future, but there should be a good veteran or two starting for them.

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I agree with some of your

I agree with some of your points. Also now is not the time to get Bledsoe maybe next year when LAC has Paul and can't pay Bledsoe. Aaron Afflalo is a solid player with a great deal but if you could move him to Minny for D Williams and some pieces that would work.

Ed Davis is better than people realize.

I think Glenn Davis is a starter because he can actually defend his position in the post and he can score.

I have never been sold on Nelson but he is decent.

OKC is not dumb enough to give up Lamb because they need him to leverage K Martin into a lower than his value contract.

Moe Harkless looks like the future at small forward but I guess could play 2 guard if D William was at the 3.

They main position Orlando needs to upgrade is at point guard.

I think they are young and solid and most of their other positions

Just because they don't have a star name does not mean they don't have great players.

Also don't sleep Nicholson.

Harrington, Hedo, McRoberts are expendable to me.

Reddick is a key 6th man that unless you get a good deal for him, you keep.
Orlando basically need

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Why would the Clippers give

Why would the Clippers give up Bledsoe? He is a great great defender, he is young, he plays well with CP3, I mean c'mon. What player/players on the Magic would they even want? You said it yourself, he would walk in there and be there main guy. JJ Redick and picks? Glen Davis? The Clippers are a legit contender, why get rid of Bledsoe, when other than him and the two bigs , you really have no youth.

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The only problem with these

The only problem with these ideas is that the Clips wouldn't give up Bledsoe for anything the Magic have excpet for Vucevic with a lotto pick, it'd take a lot to pry him away from the Clips

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