1 big MESS!

If u where my dad.. What would u do to fix the wolves roster? IMO he should take Cousins at 4, making Jefferson or Love expendable, and use the 16th pick on a perimiter scorer like Paul George or James Anderson and get a deffensive bigman at 23. Some say he should try to trade w/philly for Turner... What do u think?

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Is he raising you to be a

Is he raising you to be a point guard?

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Bad all around

We need too much to cover in one draft, it will take at least 3-5 more years of drafting average talent to become even a 40 win franchise. Even if we did get a top 2 pick I'm not sure we know what to do.(History tells us so) Either way we have to sign a free agent, Joe Johnson, Rudy Gay someone of that caliber. We simply need too much PG, SG, SF and a C plus you need depth, lets not forget after next year the Clippers get our pick. This is what we must bear being T-Wolves fans.

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