09-10 depth chart

for next year we have 8 players currently under contract, thats only 37 mill. we have three draft picks hopefully rubio will fall to us at 4 and what i think we should do is trade 23 and 31 for a 15-20 pick and draft a sf. we should re-sign diogu for about 4 mill who can develop into a fine bench player and we should re-sign bobby jackson because he just means so much to this community and has alot of wisdom to teach the young guys and is the veteran leader of the kings. sign b-jax to a 2 year deal let him retire a king and hire him as an assistant. i beleive that he will take a pay cut to stay with sac the fans love him. he made 5.5 mill last year and im sure he'll stay satisfied if we give him about 4 with diogu and b-jax resigned thats about 45 mill. i think the #4 pick will make about 3 mill and 15-20 about 2 mill. thats 500 mill and we are 8 mill under the cap. sign a gortat or any true center thats a backup and is defensive oriented for about 5 mill. thats 55. 3 mill under the cap and 13 players. i think thats very realistic. and with k-9s contract expiring after next year there's room to sign a good player.

SF-Terrence Williams, Earl clark, James Johnson- yes in order of priority
PG-Rubio, Flynn, Evans, Holiday- order of priority

not much but fun to watch
im not expecting this team to win a championship next year i still think they'll be a lottery team with this lineup and in next years draft might get anywhere frompick 6-14 and get a good player and then we start talking playoffs.

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Did you factor in

Mikki Moore's contract? I might be wrong, but I think he still counts against our cap this year.

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On Moore

he only counts for 2 million next year

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