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January 19th, 2014

Husky Handful

Player of the Week

CJ Wilcox, Washington

CJ WilcoxCJ WilcoxWilcox is one of the best scorers in the nation this season. His quickness and ability to shoot from behind the arc has made him a tough opponent to guard for defenders. He also has stepped up his play on the defensive end, quietly averaging 1.2 blocks and 1.1 steals per game.

January 15th

Baby Shaq

Player of the Week

Shaq Goodwin, Memphis

January 14th

Natural Born Killer

Player of the Week

Marcus Smart - Oklahoma State

Marcus SmartMarcus SmartWith his fellow conference point guards DeAndre Kane and Juwan State, getting a lot of attention lately for their well rounded play, the Big 12’s resident star point guard was not about to let himself be overshadowed.

January 14th

Mr. Christon Oh, the Time Has Come

Player of the Week

Appling TV

Player of the Week

Keith Appling, Michigan State

Keith ApplingKeith ApplingIt was almost a preconceived notion that whichever team won between #3 Ohio State and #5 Michigan State would also be awarded POTW.

January 8th

Askia Book It

Player of the Week

Askia Booker, Colorado

Askia BookerAskia BookerBooker has stepped up his play and has been contributing a lot to the Buffs’ offense over the last couple of games. He continues to show up in big games and shows his confidence to take the big shot when the game is on the line. His early season shooting slump appears to be a thing of the past.

January 7th

Fearless Freshman

Player of the Week

Marcus Foster - Kansas State

Marcus FosterMarcus FosterAfter a rough start, the Kansas State Wildcats have been on a tear as of late. They knocked off #21 Gonzaga in late December, and #6 Oklahoma State was their next ranked victim last Saturday afternoon. Freshman guard Marcus Foster has proved to be the alpha dog for K-State throughout this hot streak.

January 6th


Player of the Week

Russ Smith, Louisville

January 4th

Big East Breakout Soph

Player of the Week

Beaver Believer

Player of the Week

Roberto Nelson, Oregon State