2008 NBA Summer League: Top (Non)Rookies

Tue, 07/22/2008 - 8:44pm

Aaron Brooks 16.8 pts/ 7 ast/ 2 rebs

Displaying the quickness and mentality necessary to run an NBA team, Brooks was impressive throughout the summer league. His size has always been an issue, but an explosive 1st step combined with his ability to effectively attack pick and roll situations could be more than enough to make up for it. What may end up being a determining factor for his future is his ability to keep the defense honest by consistently knocking down outside shots.

Ramon Sessions 15.3pts/ 7.3 ast/ 5.3 rebs

He only played in 3 games, but in the short time that we saw he continued to put up performances such as the ones he had to close out the season for the Bucks. He has a knack for breaking down defenses and finding the open man, and his passing ability was on full display. He struggled with some careless plays that led to turnovers early on, but he settled down and substantially cut down his mistakes as the week went on. This was a good opportunity for Sessions to prove that the superb play late last season wasn’t a fluke, and he did a lot of good things to solidify himself in the league.

Andray Blatche 17.6 pts/ 6.8 rebs/ 1.2 blk

His body has come along nicely and is also well complimented by an improved low post game. His infatuation with the outside shot has ceased a bit and he has shown the willingness to battle in the post. His physical package is difficult to match up with, but the main issue continues to be his focus and determination. Nothing showcases this better than the brutal game he had to finish the summer tour, going 1-7 for points.

Quincy Douby 22.3 pts/ 48 fg%/ 2.8 stls

Other than one subpar game, Douby was able to consistently show his overall scoring package. His ability to shoot with range opens the lanes up for his teammates, and it also allows him to get to the hoop even with subpar athleticism. He has been aggressive, and took it upon himself not to settle for outside shots, but instead attack the basket. His main issue is that he is a SG in a PG’s body and it may keep him from ever being a starter in the league, however, if he can continue to light it up in a hurry his attributes as a specialist will provide him with many opportunities.

Bobby Brown 15.2 pts/ 6.3 ast/ 3.2 rebs

Brown may very well have played himself into a contract for next season. He has more than enough quickness and athleticism, but he finally showed the ability to confidently run a team. He gets into the lane with regularity and from there he makes good decisions, either drawing the defender and finding an open teammate, or simply scoring the ball himself at the hoop or with a midrange pull up. He logged a large number of minutes and had the ball in his hands for a large portion of the games, so the fact that he kept his turnovers to 2.2 per game is very impressive. Brown is playing for the wrong team if he has desire to play substantial minutes in the league, nonetheless he could make a very solid backup even if it is in a very limited role.

Thaddeus Young 18.8 pts/ 3.6 rebs/ 1.6 stls

Young’s scoring was consistent throughout, but the rest of his stat line was less than spectacular, even more worrisome was his poor 39% shooting from the field. With all that said, Young still showed more than enough glitz to show that he has the potential to be a good player down the line. His athleticism, explosiveness and length make him a very special package, by further developing his skills, he will become that much tougher to defend.

Alando Tucker 21.6 pts/ 57 fg%/ 4 rebs

He was one of the most consistent performers throughout the summer league and his field goal percentage was off the charts. He was able to hit some shots from the outside as well as get into the lane and convert or get to the line. Tucker’s skills are still not refined to the extent that he is able to regularly contribute in the league. He needs somebody to create offense for him, but being somewhat undersized and not possessing great athleticism limits his chances to get much playing time.

Joey Graham 18 pts/ 6.4 rebs/ 1.6 ast

Graham has fallen on the Raptors depth chart with his mediocre play, therefore he took the summer league to prove that he still belongs. He was very aggressive the entire time, leading to numerous trips to the foul line as well as some nice rebounds on the offensive end. The problem was that he tried to do too much and often times failed to realize that he was playing with four other guys. His determination and aggressiveness made him seem selfish and they also forced him into countless mistakes that hurt not only his game but his team's as well. Graham’s style of play is geared more towards a physical, slow-down half court game, which does not fit well with the up tempo, shooting style of the Raptors.

Dahntay Jones 18.4 pts/ 54 fg%/ 2.4 rebs

Jones’ aggressiveness was on full display in the summer league. For a guy that was a mid-first round pick, he has fallen off the radar fairly quickly and this was a good chance to show that he can still play in the league. Nobody has ever doubted his physicality and athleticism, but it is his perimeter skill and shooting ability that has cause people to turn their heads and look the other way. Jones was able to score the ball and get to the line, but did little else to show that his game has improved enough to earn him a rotation spot in the league.

C.J. Watson 18.8 pts/ 4.2 stls/ 4.8 ast

Watson has been able to score points in bunches thanks to his aggressiveness and a nice touch from midrange, however his shoot first mentality may not be the answer the Warriors a looking for. He seems to be more in the mold of a scoring guard which would be one too many gunners and not enough distributors for Nellie. Another positive is his ability to play the passing lane, which he showed with a summer league leading 4.2 steals per game. The recent addition of Marcus Williams slams the door shut on his bid to be the Warriors main back up at the point, unless they decide to move Monte to the 2 and start Williams.

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Nothing on Wilson Chandler, he was easily one of the 10 best players in the whole summer League.....

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He has been aggressive, and took it upon himself not to settle for outside shots, but instead attack the basket.

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