2007 NBA Team Needs

Thu, 06/21/2007 - 11:35am

By Aran Smith

Picks: 1,37,42,52,53

Needs: SF,PG

Analysis: The Blazers appear to be more in need of a SF than a C after adding LaMarcus Aldridge in last year's draft, but Aldridge was diagnoised with a heart disorder at the end of the season raising some doubt about his future. The Blazers paid a big price selecting need when they picked Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan 23 years ago. Neither Oden nor Durant are MJ, however Oden dominates both ends of the floor and building around a dominant center gives Portland the best chance to win championships in the future. Oden could be the dominant center on the planet in as soon as 2-3 years. As great an offensive talent as Durant is and can become, Oden is the pick.

Picks: 2,31,35

Needs: PF,C,PG,SF?

Analysis: After taking bigmen projects in their last three drafts, they still need help in the frontcourt. With the chance to upgrade the SF position and cut costs taking Durant, the team may end up letting Rashard Lewis walk in free agency, and possibly trade Ray Allen in a youth movement. With two early second rounders, the Sonics should be able to find a point guard to groom behind Watson and Ridnour.

Picks: 3,11

Needs: PG,C,PF

Analysis: The Hawks are in good shape at the 2 and 3 positions. Josh Smith plays sort of a 3-4-role, but Shelden Williams is looking like a bust at the 5th pick last year. The third pick is too high to take Mike Conley. The team may look to trade their top pick for experience and grab the best point guard available at 11 (Conley or Crittenton), or make a move with Milwaukee at 6 to grab Conley. Horford is starting to look like a lock at 3.
Picks: 4

Needs: PG,C,PF?

Analysis: The Grizz could look to trade with a variety of needs and a number of teams looking to move up. Conley fits into their teams needs at PG, however the 4th pick seems incredibly high for a freshman point guard with shooting question marks. Look for the Grizz to move the pick for some veterens and a team to move up to 4 and snatch either Wright or Yi.

Picks: 5,32

Needs: PG,C

Analysis: Ainge is actively shopping the pick. We've heard the Celtics would like to package this pick along with some players (Jefferson or Green and others) for Shawn Marion. The Suns would like to get some young talent in return for Marion, so this would work for both teams. The chance to get either Wright or Yi at 5 and rid themselves of Marion's huge contract gives the Suns the flexibility they desire. Should they hold onto the pick, Jeff Green appears to be the Celtics favorite. At 32, the Celts could add a PG such as Brooks or Gabe Pruitt.

Picks: 6,56

Needs: PF,SF,PG?

Analysis: The Bucks would like to add a banger to replace Brian Skinner. The guy they are targeting is Horford who they would like to move up to 3 for. Atlanta would move down to 6 for Conley and get something in return. Otherwise a trade of 11 and a player for 6 could happen, although the Hawks might be forced to give up someone like Pachuilia. Mo Williams wants a contract between 9-10 million per year, but the Bucks would like to pay him 7-8. This contract situation could ultimately force a sign and trade. If they keep the pick, a small forward such as Green or Brewer makes the most sense for them with Bogut, Villanueva, Redd and Williams in the fold.

Picks: 7,41

Needs: PG,SG,C,SF

Analysis: The Timberwolves need to build something around KG quickly, or move him. Any player that will take more than a couple seasons to produce will be hard to justify to KG staying with the team. KG is 31, but in basketball years he's 35, and proof of his quick aging can be seen in his PER declining in each of his past four seasons. If they were going to ever get close to market value for him, now's the time to move him. If the Timberwolves decide to move KG, players such as Conley or Hawes make sense. Otherwise look for them to take a more ready player such as Green, Noah or Brewer.

Picks: 8,22

Needs: SG,C

Analysis: The Bobcats can use Okafor at the C position and Hermann has the versatility to play both the 3 and 4 positions. Noah makes sense to them at 8. They could use the 22nd pick to pick up a scorer like Belinelli or Fernandez if they're available. The Bobcats will likely go after SF Rashard Lewis in the offseason.
Picks: 9,49,51

Needs: C,Depth

Analysis: The Bulls are said to be high on both Julian Wright and Spencer Hawes. With Ben Wallace aging, Hawes makes sense. Then again this is a team with a chance to put together some championship runs, and a player who can offer more in the next 2-3 seasons might be more beneficial. Local product J. Wright would add tremendous athleticism and versatility. The Bulls would probably grab Yi if he falls to them... With the Kobe fiasco spinning out of control, the Bulls could be the team that ends up with Kobe. They have the pieces, and although the sum may not equal the talent of Kobe, the Lakers may be forced to move their unhappy star and take what they can get. A package including Ben Gordon, Luol Deng, Chris Duhon, Tyrus Thomas the #9 pick plus additional #1s could end up being the best offer the Lakers get for Kobe.

Picks: 10

Needs: PF,PG?

Analysis: The Kings could look to grab Conley if he's still on the board in a youth movement with Bibby getting older and possibly on the move. Artest is even more likely to be moved (if possible) this offseason, and Al Thornton would be an excellent replacement for the troubled star.

Picks: None

Needs: C,SG,PF?

Analysis: The Pacers have no picks and after such a disappointing season, things look bleak in Indy. The team may attempt to move their franchise pf Jermaine O'Neal in the offseason if they can get value in return. Their last blockbuster trade acquiring Dunleavy and Murphy turned out disastrous.

Picks: 12,21,30,38

Needs: PF,SG,C

Analysis: With three first rounders, the Sixers continue to pick up the pieces after Iverson's departure. The team's resurgence after the trade was not part of the plan, with Oden and Durant potentially available, but to their credit there weren't any mysterious injuries or rookie starters. It's tough to add real pieces with the picks they have, but at 12 they should pick up a solid prospect for the future. There is a rumor that the Sixers are targeting Sean Williams and Jared Dudley with two of their first rounders.

Picks: 13,43

Needs: SG,SF

Analysis: The Hornets need help on the wing. With Peja struggling with injury problems and Mason a free agent, the team should look to grab a 2 or 3 which there should be a number of available. Players such as Nick Young or Thaddeus Young both make sense.

Picks: 14,45

Needs: PG

Analysis: With Shaun Livingston's future in question, and Cassell nearing the end of his career, the Clips could really use a point guard at 14. Acie Law is a possibility as he's got the most experience. Javaris Crittenton has more potential than Law, but will take longer to contribute.

Picks: 44,54

Needs: SG,PF?

Analysis: With no first rounder this year, the Magic will attempt to improve their team with two second rounders and in free agency. The team must figure out what to do with Darko Milicic. Regardless, they have money to spend, and can target one of the big fish (Carter, Lewis, Billups) in the summer free agent market.

Picks: 16,47

Needs: SG,C

Analysis: With Deshawn Stevenson set to hit the open market, the Wizards could use a 2G that can come in and give them something right away. Derrick Byars may not be the sexiest pick as his slow feet limit his overall potential, but he's ready now and should be an excellent role player for years to come. Other possibilities include Javaris Crittenton and Nick Young.

Picks: 17

Needs: PF,C,SG?

Analysis: the Nets are in good shape in the backcourt and will surely look to resign Vince Carter. Their biggest area of need lays in the frontcourt where Nenad Krstic showed signs of durability question marks missing the season. He should be fine, but the team still is weak overall inside with Mikki Moore, Jason Collins and Josh Boone along with Krstic. The team could be in a position to take the best player available, with wing players such as Nick Young, Thaddeus Young or Rodney Stucky potentially there at their 17 pick.

Picks: 18,36,46

Needs: SF,SG,PF

Analysis: The team will look for players that fit in with Nellie's style. Against the Jazz, the Warriors lack of team strength was exploited, so looking for a banger with speed would fit. With Pietrus and Barnes likely leaving in free agency, the team could use some depth behind Richardson and Jackson. Rudy Fernandez would fit their up and down style perfectly, and GM Chris Mullin was over in Europe scouting him in early June.
Picks: 19,40,48

Needs: PG,PF

Analysis: The mess in LA since the Kobe Gone Wild clip could begin to get ugly if the team isn't able to make a deal for a star to put next to him. Andrew Bynum turned out to be a great pick, but his age doesn't mesh with Bryant's, so packaging him for a star is the obvious next step if keeping Bryant is in the cards. Farmar showed some signs but may be too small to make it as a starting PG. The Lakers could look at a bigman such as Jason Smith or Acie Law at 19. In the second round the Lakers could look for a big PG such as Marcus Williams or Ramon Sessions to run the triangle.

Picks: 20,39

Needs: PG,SF

Analysis: Jason Williams will be 32 in November so finding his eventual replacement could be the order of business for Miami. Acie Law figures to fall somewhere around the Heat pick, and he makes sense for a team still looking to contend with Shaq and DWade together. The small forward position is another potential area of need with no long term solution there. Javaris Crittenton is another possibility should he slide to them.

Picks: None

Needs: SG,PG?

Analysis: With no picks in this years draft due to giving their pick (21) to Philadelphia for AI, the Nuggets will go after the top non-drafted players in free agency. They still need to improve upon their shooting guard situation, while JR Smith was a great trade acquisition, his recent car wreck leaves his status in question. Regardless, they could use a 2-guard that can shoot from outside. PG Steve Blake also turned out to be a great addition to the team, unfortunately other teams in the league took notice and he may have priced himself out of Denver's market (due to their current cap situation). Denver is shopping Najera and Evans for a PG.

Picks: None

Needs: SG

Analysis: With no picks in the draft, the team will look to improve in the summer FA market. The Raptors are said to be targeting Mickael Pietrus in free agency.

Picks: 23

Needs: SG,SF

Analysis: The late first round should provide a number of options for the Knicks at the 2-guard spot. Isaih usually gives a promise, and it appears the Knicks may have a promise in place with Wilson Chandler. The athletic small forward Chandler cut short a number of workouts with teams in the early second round, and the Knicks have been identified as the team most likely targeting him with their late first round pick.

Picks: None

Needs: PG,PF

Analysis: The Cavs made it to the Finals but have done a poor job in free agency with regard to spending. They severely overpaid on Big Z, Larry Hughes and Donyell Marshall and now may not be able to afford energy man Anderson Varejao. The team could have gone out and added a real piece if they'd had more to spend. One positive, Daniel Gibson has been a real find as a second rounder last year. They also need an upgrade at PF, Carlos Boozer would be perfect for them. Ouch. With no picks the Cavs won't be adding any pieces through the draft, but they can always make a trade or look to sign some cheaper free agents.

Picks: 25, 55

Needs: SG,C

Analysis: The Jazz could be looking at a SG with their pick or going big to add a better backup to Okur than Araujo. Arron Afflalo or Alando Tucker make sense to them. if they choose to go big, Marc Gasol or a shot blocker like Sean Williams make sense. Utah will go big if they can find a player they want. If Tiago Splitter falls to them, Utah will
Picks: 26

Needs: SG,PF

Analysis: The Rockets will likely use their late first rounder to target a 2-guard. Arron Afflalo makes the most sense for a team looking for a player to come in as a scorer and contribute immediately. The Rockets could also use a PF after they dealt Juwan Howard to Minnesota.

Picks: 15,27,57

Needs: C,PF,SG

Analysis: After losing to Cleveland and their Army of One, it's become apparent the Pistons need to make some improvements to their frontcourt. Chris Webber apparently is not the answer. Look for Detroit to resign their experienced floor general Billups for 4 years at 14 per. If Josh McRoberts somehow falls all the way to their pick at 27, he would be an excellent addition.

Picks: 28,33,58

Needs: Depth,Back Up PG

Analysis: This team could be looking to move the pick or take another European player to leave overseas. they have had good success with this strategy and as long as Duncan is in the fold they have the ability to bet long term. A better back up for Tony Parker could also be had at 28 with a number of options likely there.

Picks: 24,29,59

Needs: Back Up PG,SG

Analysis: The team is looking to move Shawn Marion if the price is right. Marco Belinelli would fit in with their passing, run and gun style. Arron Afflalo would also make sense as his skills are similar to Raja Bell. With two late first rounders and a cap situation a player like Splitter makes sense if he fell to them as they could leave him over in Europe.

Picks: 34,50,60

Needs: C,Depth,SG

Analysis: Losing to the Warriors in the first round of the playoffs exposed the Mavericks inability to stop dribble penetration. Some defensive minded players would help this squad. At 34 could target a player like Sean Williams, if he's still on the board, who despite the off court issues with weed has immense defensive potential. Stephane Lasme is another guy they could consider with their later second rounders. Dallas is also looking to trade Buckner and resign Michael Finley.
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