9 - Vanja Marinkovic

6-7, 195 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Serbia International
01/09/97 (26.9 yrs)
Belgrade, Serbia
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87 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Bogdan Bogdanovic

Strengths: Above average athlete with good size for his position … His size helps him to play either as a shooting guard or as a small forward …. He is not explosive, but has some solid quickness and can take advantage a flying start, when he receives the ball and he is on the move … Has gained a lot of experience because he has been playing at senior level since he was 17 years old … His body structure suggests that he can fill up nicely … Nice looking shooting stroke, with a high release point that makes it difficult for his defender to block his shot… Great shooter in just about every situation … Very good in Catch and Shoot and Spot Up situations … Moves well around screens and can come off them and shoot with high percentages … Possesses unlimited range… He can score off the dribble and an occasional Pull Up shot … Very good on scoring on the move … His ability to knock down shots from everywhere is his most translatable skill and he has role player potential as a shooting specialist… Has shown some flashes in Pick and Roll situations as the ball handler… With opponents having to respect his ability to knock down shots, he attacks close outs … Above average rebounder for his position, mainly on the defensive end… Has good size to guard all perimeter positions … When he is focused he can be at least an average defender… He can make an occasional chase down block …

Weaknesses: He is a just average athlete by NBA standards … Short wingspan (measured at 6-6 feet) … Lacks elite explosiveness and has an average first step, which limits him in isolation situations … He must work on his body if he wants to play at the next level … His lack of elite athleticism makes it difficult for him to create his own shot … One-dimensional player, he is just a shooter and nothing else … If his shot isn’t falling he can’t really do anything else to stay on the floor … Doesn’t really create for his teammates … His shooting release is kind of slow at times… He can be a little streaky shooter, because his confidence comes and goes… He doesn’t have a good court vision and has problems reading the game … Average passer… His ball handling needs work,
especially if he wants to play as a shooting guard … Just average on Pick and Roll as the ball handler… Not really a slasher… He doesn’t put the ball on the floor a lot … Avoids contact and doesn’t draw a lot of fouls… Has problems finishing at the rim against length due to his lack of elite athleticism… Struggles finishing in traffic… He can have long spans where he just disappears from the game… He had problems taking over games even at Junior level … Average lateral quickness and short wingspan limit him on defense … Has problems guarding athletic wings …

Overall: Vanja Marinkovis is the definition of a shooter … One of the best shooters of his generation in Europe… The real problem starts when he has to do just about anything else … The Serbian guard kind of plateaued the last couple of years, as he has failed to improve in other important areas of his game (playmaking, defense, consistency) … His great shooting ability is what always made him intriguing and if he manages to become a better playmaker and at least an average defender, he could become a good role player…

Stefanos Makris 6/21/19