5 - Rudy Fernandez

6-6, 172 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
N/A International
04/04/85 (35.7 yrs)
P. de Mallorca, Spain
2007 Statistics
Euroleague Profile
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
91 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Manu Ginobili

Matthew Maurer – 11/17/2006

Strengths: Possesses legit three point range on his jumper, and excels at catch and shoot Moves extremely well without the ball as he is constantly moving, never settles Really understands how to get by opposing defenders by using his quick first step and ball handling ability Creative slasher when driving to the basket as he can finish with a multitude of reverse lay-ups, dunks or switching hands to get his shot off Athletically he owns above average leaping ability, solid quickness and excellent body control Needs very little time to get his shot off due to his quick release Passing ability is solid but not spectacular Plays very composed rarely looks out of control or unfocused on the floor Shows a high basketball IQ Reportedly a very coachable player who owns a good work ethic Fernandez improved his perimeter defense this past season Solid free throw shooter Unselfish player who looks to get teammates involved

Weaknesses: Could really stand to bulk up and gain more upper body strength, how much hell be able to is questionable This lack of upper body strength presents itself in games as he struggles to finish after contact occurs Defensively he lacks great lateral movement and intensity and while he has improved he remains a work in progress He tends to overcompensate by overplaying the passing lanes Ball protection must improve as he can get a little too careless with the ball Mid-range game is undeveloped as he focuses on slashing and shooting three point shots Despite his athletic ability Fernandez remains a below average rebounder Shot selection is average due to the fact that he can get caught up shooting threes instead of driving Has improved but is still not a great shooter off the dribble Defensively he doesnt always fight through picks Some have questioned his toughness

Cristian Biagini – 7/29/2004

Strengths: An impressive talent, wise beyond his years … Seems better every time you see him …He has a wonderful bag of tricks, especially offensively … Excellent one on one guy … He knows how to take what the defense gives him, knows when to pull up, when to drive and when to pass… In his first "true" year, he had a fantastic season, putting up over double figures in scoring in the most important (toughest) league in Europe … He has good numbers, but you have to see him play to truly understand how talented he is … He is so fluid, so composed, so smooth and always under control, he makes the game look so easy… He is not too aggressive but not afraid either … He makes great decisions, and never gets out of control, which is incredible considering his age … He has such a court awareness, and always knows how to make the right play, without thinking of himself ahe puts the team first … He could still be growing and has long arms which add to his length … He has been playing at the SF spot for Badalona, but can handle either guard positions as well … Unlike many players as athletic as he is, he doesn’t rely on it … He uses intelligence and skills instead … Has good quickness and speed and is extremely fluid … His first step is insane, as is his ability to start and stop … He’s always on balance … Really excells when pressured and understands how to handle a press … Stays within the system well … Uses screens well to gain separation for shots or drives … He doesn’t like to drive into traffic because of his skinny frame, but he is not afraid of contact and if he sees daylight he’ll go to the hoop fearlessly … He has great skills (like Navarro of Spain) to let the ball go early against big men … He loves to take the big shot and excels in important situations … He has nice change of speed with the ball in his hands and very good ball handling making him dangerous with the dribble. He also passes extremely well, beating the double team and finding the open man … He has great vision, he doesn’t look for the "oooooh" pass, but the easy (and right) one. Very good free throw shooter … In the open court he can lead the fastbreak or fill the lane he likes to run and the main thing is how fast he is able to change from defense to the break … He can come off the bench and get into the flow of scoring very quickly . He can defend bigger players and quicker ones … Has very quick hands, and reads the passing lanes, and can rip someone from the dibble With Badalona he lacks touches, because he is not the star of the team. But he is showing glimpses of what the future has in store and that is great things at the highest level: NBA …

Weaknesses: Physically he must get stronger … He still can get muscled around because of his lack of physical strength … In the NBA he will struggle defensively until he gets stronger … Has a tendency to get out of control going to the basket. Plays with a lack of regard for his body which shows his great passion, but could be cause for concern for injury problems in the future …

Notes: Currently playing with the Spanish National Team where he is already seeing minutes at 19 years of age! Last year he signed a long term deal with Badalona which could make his buyout a little difficult.

YouTube Clip – 1/19/2009