7 - Isaiah Todd

6-10, 205 Power Forward
G-League Freshman
10/17/01 (19.5 yrs)
Richmond, VA
High School
Word of God Christian Academy
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills

NBA Comparison: Chris McCullough

Strengths: 6’10 versatile forward … Good tools with a 7’0 wingspan and 8’11 standing reach … Fluid, well-coordinated, and good athlete. Finishes above the rim with ease and good speed at his size. Solid strength level and can finish through contact … Face-up threat offensively, stretching the floor and getting to the rim off the dribble with ability as a slasher. Shows potential as a three-level scorer … Versatile skillset. Can score from multiple spots on the floor. Good shooting mechanics and shooting range extends to the 3PT line … Averaged 9.9 points per game over the adidas Gauntlet in 2018. Averaged 18.4 points per game on 51.6% FG% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Good rebounder on both ends. Can start the offense after grabbing a defensive rebound. Averaged 8.4 rebounds per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Good tools and versatility as a defender, defending both the perimeter and in the post throughout high school. Good shot blocker. Averaged 0.8 blocks per game at adidas Nations in 2017. Averaged 1.6 blocks per game at the U16 Americas Championship in 2017. Averaged 1.5 blocks per game over the Nike EYBL in 2019 …

Weaknesses: Feel for the game can improve. Can play inside and out but settles for outside and contested shots at times. Should utilize his superior tools around the basket more as he tends to drift to the perimeter often. Can improve understanding of when to post vs space the floor as well as recognizing mismatches … Good looking jump shot but can improve shooting consistency. Missed his 2 3PT attempts at the U16 Americas Championship and all 8 3PT attempts at adidas Nations in 2017. Shot 20% 3PT% over the adidas Gauntlet in 2018. Shot 28.6% 3PT% over the Nike EYBL in 2019 … Can improve as a free throw shooter. FT stats: 45% FT% (9-20) U16 Americas Championship 2017, 44.4% FT% (4-9) adidas Nations 2017, 47.1% FT% adidas Gauntlet 2018, 62.5% FT% Nike EYBL 2019 … Can tighten up ball handling and cut down on turnovers. A/TO stats: 0.6/2.6 (3/13) A/TO U16 Americas Championship 2017, 0.2/2.2 (1/11) A/TO adidas Nations in 2017, 0.7/1.8 (8/20) A/TO adidas Gauntlet 2018, 1.4/3.8 (3rd most turnovers) A/TO Nike EYBL  2019 … Will need to improve as an initiator if he’s going to play on the perimeter at the next level, as he didn’t show a lot of creativity or advanced reads throughout high school. He will also need to expand overall perimeter game as many of his possessions ended with him pulling up for a jump shot or a basic straight-line drive … Can commit more to the defensive end … Wears his frustration at times … Good tools but still in the process of putting it all together, which has been the story since he entered high school. While he can do everything at a foundational level, he doesn’t excel in those areas. Has a way to go to maximize his potential …

Outlook: G-League Ignite rookie … 2020 McDonald’s All-American … Named to the 2020 Jordan Brand Classic … Transferred to Word of God Christian Academy for his senior year … Won Gold at the U16 Americas Championship in 2017 … Scored ten points and grabbed seven rebounds in the 2017 Underclassman All-American and played in the 2018 Underclassman All-American Game …

Evan Tomes 11/26/20