5 - Donte Greene

6-9, 221 Small Forward
Syracuse Freshman
02/21/88 (32.7 yrs)
Baltimore, MD
High School
Towson Catholic
Team Site Profile
2007 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
93 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Rashard Lewis/Marvin Williams

Borko Popic – 3/31/2008

Strengths: A long and versatile player that possesses tremendous perimeter skills An athletic specimen with enormous potential Deadly out of the triple threat, where he utilizes jabs and pump fakes to attack the opposition A shot maker with the ability to convert on a variety of acrobatic and off-balance shots His skill, athleticism and size make him a difficult match up His leaping ability and body control allow him to finish over and around people in the lane He possesses a terrific spin move Also shows great form and range on his shot Shows a nice pull up off the dribble He’s willing to mix it up in the post where his repertoire is growing, has a nice right mini-hook and a very effective fade away Has a good feel for the ball, combined with his length make him a dangerous shot blocker as well as a disruptor in the passing lanes Attacks the offensive glass aggressively

Weaknesses: Far too often settles for fade away 3 point shots instead of trying to create a better shot. This was especially true late in the season which could have been a product of fatigue … Shot nearly twice as many 3 pointers as free throws, which shouldn’t be the case considering his size and athleticism advantage over most opponents … Needs to get stronger and bulk up, shows an excellent frame, but still needs to add strength Struggles finishing after getting hit Shies away from contact which is reflected by his measly 3.8 free throw attempts per game … Dribbles with his head down and is somewhat uncomfortable handling the ball in transition, also struggles dribbling against more aggressive defenders that put pressure on him … Although his form is very nice, his shot is somewhat inconsistent and he settles for too many 3s (over half of his FG attempts come from behind the arc)… Has a tendency to coast and defer to less skilled teammates Needs to play with more of an edge and develop a killer instinct; he should be dominating the college game with his versatility Defense is a bit of a concern because he has minimal experience playing man to man, and seems to be very lazy about his stance and anticipation … His length and athleticism should help to make up for his less than ideal lateral speed and quickness Still a very young and raw player with a lot to work with, that needs to learn the nuances of the game

Joshua Motenko – 7/29/2006

Strengths: Greene is an especially long and talented wing who can score in bunches. When hes on, he hits long three pointers casually and seems to have the confidence of a legend. He has the offensive ability to take over games and calls for the ball on the court when hes feeling it. He has the ability to handle the ball, and take it to the basket aggressively and with a quick first and second step. He draws fouls well. He can pass and plays tough defense when he wants to. He can defend the power forward position, can block shots and is an excellent rebounder with the ability to dominate the glass. Donte plays very relaxed, and loves to make big loud plays on both offense and defense. He shows an interest in being a vocal leader on the court. Greene was a man among boys at the 2006 Nike Camp where he made everyone else on the court look completely out of place for stretches of certain games.

Weaknesses: He tends to over focus on his offense sometimes, creating situations where his teammates bring the ball up the court and look to him to score instead of playing as a team. In these situations is where he shows his great scoring ability, but he has a tendency to force shots and make poor decisions. He needs to add weight to his frame, as he is pretty skinny. He may be forced to play power forward in college, but even though he has some power forward skills his overall skill set is more suited to the 3, especially on offense.

YouTube Clip – 3/24/2007

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