2 - Brian Roberts

6-2, 180 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
Dayton Senior
12/03/85 (36 yrs)
Toledo, OH
High School
St. Johns
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2007 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
88 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Troy Bell

Aran Smith – 1/25/2008

Strengths: Scoring point guard with good quickness … Really excels at driving to the basket and scoring with finger rolls and runners … Heady player who has a good feel for the game, and solid leadership abilities … Excellent shooter with range on his shot. Excels at both pull up off the dribble and spot up shooting … Has a quick release and great form on his shot … His mid-range game is very solid, as he’s adept at pulling up off the dribble from 12-15 feet … Really excels offensively, and appears to be a guy that can provide an offensive spark off the bench at the next level … Solid ball handler. Comfortable handling the ball at the top of the key and setting up the offense. Has that yoyo type handle that takes time to develop. Although at times he can be too enamored with it … Clutch player who steps up his level of play in big games and situations … Defensively he does a good job of staying in front of his man and using his feet instead of his hands … Tremendous free throw shooter at just under 90% …

Weaknesses: There are question marks about his point guard skills and ability to run a team. He’s a better scorer than distributor of the basketball. Seems to be a natural shooting guard who has developed his point guard skills, and though he does an admirable job, he’s more effective off the ball. He’s much better at creating shots for himself than others … Can over-dribble the ball and overuse the crossover at times and get ripped … Athleticism is not at an elite level. Not a high riser or a guy that overpowers opponents with sheer athletic ability (one career dunk at Dayton) … Needs to do a better job of recognizing double teams and getting rid of the ball faster … Can rush shots at times when backing out and being more patient would be a better option. Granted, his percentages and decision making with shooting is excellent … Struggles against physical defenders, although he’s got a fair amount of bulk … Can be careless passing the ball, although he’s done a good job of limiting his turnovers and improving his a/to ratio … Another guy who would probably receive more recognition if he played in a tougher conference. (although he’s really begun to garner a lot of attention in his senior season) The level of competition in the Atlantic 10 is underrated, however not close to the level of the power conferences from top to bottom … Does not get a lot of steals as he seldom gambles. His anticipation could probably be better …

Notes: Roberts has broken out as one of the top smaller conference stars in the country in his senior season …