29 - Alex Antetokounmpo

6-8, 190 Shooting Guard/Small Forward
Greece International
08/26/01 (20.3 yrs)
Athens, Greece
High School
International Team
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
85 Overall:

Strengths: Athletic combo forward… Has a competitive spirit… Nice motor… Has crazy length, with a wingspan measured at 7-2 feet… Good size for a wing… A good leaper off one foot… Can make plays above the rim… Has long strides and covers a lot of ground… Plays with good energy… Can make hustle plays when he is concentrated… Has point forward potential… Very good on the open floor, knows how to fill the lanes… Runs the floor well… Draws a lot of fouls… Improving ball handler… Can do an occasional coast to coast… Likes to make plays with the ball in his hands… Can change direction relatively easy with the ball in his hands, using a behind the back dribble o a crossover… Mostly a straight line driver, but can also use a Eurostep when driving to the basket to mix it up… Has shown some potential as a Spot Up shooter from the 3-point line… Improving shooting mechanics… Moves well without the ball, especially from the baseline… Tries to Post Up smaller defenders… Has a nice footwork in the Post, can turn from either shoulder… Fairly good passer, has above average court vision and can even make some flashy passes… Good offensive rebounder, likes to crash the boards… Has all the necessary tools (size, length, athleticism) to become an elite defender… Length and athleticism help him make plays on the defensive end… Makes a lot of deflections thanks to his long hands… Has solid lateral quickness, can stay in front of his opponent when he is motivated

Weaknesses: Really raw… Needs to bulk up… Can do a lot of things at an OK level, but doesn’t excel in any area… Body language isn’t always good, he could look disappointed when things don’t go his way… Hasn’t really been tested at a high level… Ball handling is a little loose…. Must work on his left hand ball handling skills… Not skilled enough to play consistently on the perimeter just yet… More of a power forward than a small forward at this stage.. Inconsistent shooter, he needs to improve his feet orientation when shooting, has some wild misses… Can take some questionable shots… Decision making is a work in progress… Pull Up game needs work despite his efforts, he doesn’t have a mid-range game for now… Struggles finishing at the rim, despite his athleticism… Has problems finishing at the rim through traffic and through contact… Inconsistent free throw shooter (shooting just 60% in his only full season)… Turnover prone, has the tendency to either telegraph a pass, or try a pass that just isn’t there… He needs to add some counter moves when Posting Up, maybe an Up and Under… Loses focus on defense… At times he can look out of place on the defensive end… Has problems when he has to defend from the weakside… Not decisive enough, he can either over commit as a help defender, or not try to help at all… Loses defensive rotations… Has to change orientation of his feet in close out defense

Overall: Alex Antetokounmpo is an athletic combo forward with ridiculous length… He is raw, but has shown promise as a passer and a shooter in Spot Up situations… He has the potential to be a point forward with some 3–and–D upside, but has long ways to go in just about every area of his game… If everything falls in place, he could be an intriguing player, but – for now – that’s a really big “IF”.

Stefanos Makris 7/28/21

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