12 - AJ Price

6-2, 193 Point Guard
UConn Senior
10/07/86 (34.3 yrs)
Amityville, NY
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Jamaal Tinsley

Strengths: Has developed into an excellent long-range shooter … Price was just a 27 percent 3-point shooter in his first season at UConn (as a sophomore), but has since increased that number to 41 percent … Is equally adept at catching-and-shooting and creating his own shot off the dribble … Can knock down some very difficult jumpshots with taller, more athletic defenders in his face … Gets tremendous lift on his jumpshot, which helps compensate for his less-than-stellar athleticism … Has a good, solid build for an NBA point guard at 6-foot-2, 190-pounds … Uses his body well to get into the lane and has improved considerably at knocking down floaters and short pull-up jumpshots … Possesses above-average quickness on both ends … Has quick hands and is very alert defensively … Price has matured into a vocal leader for UConn … Even when he plays off-the-ball (when freshman Kemba Walker mans the point guard position), Price shouts out the play call and makes sure that everyone is in the proper place … Is a real winner and a true warrior on the court.

Weaknesses: Is not a high level NBA athlete … While his quickness is fine, Price doesn’t jump particularly well, which hinders his ability to finish at the rim … He gets good elevation on his jumpshot, but will have a much tougher time shooting over the elite athletes who play in the NBA … Is more of a scoring point guard … Has decent court vision, but nothing spectacular … Recovered well from a torn ACL suffered last March, but he’s had a history of injuries throughout his collegiate career, making him somewhat “injury prone.” … Not particularly quick off the dribble. His lack of an explosive first step limits his effectiveness getting past opponents and into the paint … Quicker point guards have no trouble containing him … He’s fast but needs a head of steam … Off court issues are still in back of people’s minds. Despite the fact that he’s matured, a team debating between him and another player may be inclined to pass on him due to his past indiscretions … Latral quickness is sub-par …

Has been through a lot in his college career. Price missed his entire freshman season because of a brain hemmorhage (which was nearly fatal) and then was suspended for his redshirt freshman season for stealing laptops on-campus (along with Marcus Williams) … He struggled mightily in his sophomore year and UConn finished with a 17-14 record, the worst in Jim Calhoun’s tenure … Price rebounded considerably as a junior and was a First Team All-Big East selection, but he suffered a torn ACL in UConn’s NCAA tournament opening round loss to thirteenth-seeded San Diego … Price recovered very quickly and made it back on the court for the beginning of his senior season … His numbers dipped a bit from last year (partly due to the addition of Kemba Walker and offensive emergence of Hasheem Thabeet), but don’t be fooled—he was the heart and soul of the top-ranked Huskies.

Kevin Duffy – 5/13/2009

Strengths: Big, strong guard who can get into the lane and make plays … Price gets to the free throw line effectively when he is determined because he can overpower opposing guards with ease … Is a gritty defender who combines his good strength with a serviceable amount of quickness and technique … Though he was rusty after not playing for two years, Price has some potential based on his body and skill set. A talented athlete with quickness and scoring ability, just needs to add consistency and mental toughness …

Weaknesses: Did not live up to expectations last season, but a lot of that can be attributed to rustiness after two years away from team basketball … Price did not work particularly well with the other guards on the team and lost his starting job to Craig Austrie for a small stretch towards the end of the season … His jumpshot is suspect, as he shot just 38.7% from the field, 27.3% from 3-point range, and 69% from the free throw line. He must regain his confidence and consistency … Doesn’t finish well when he gets into the lane. Often settles for runners and short jumpers when he should go strong to the basket and draw a foul … Makes good passes when he penetrates, but he spends a lot of time dribbling up top and passing the ball around the perimeter without making the defense react … Though he was in his third year of enrollment last season at UConn as a redshirt sophomore, Price was essentially a freshman. After struggling through his first year, Price will no longer be able to blame his poor play on rustiness or lack of conditioning. It is truly a make-or-break year for the former Long Island high school legend. Character questions remain to an extent after the laptop burglary incident cost him all of what should have been his freshman season 2 seasons ago.

Notes: Missed two straight seasons (04-05,05-06) due to a brain hemorrhage and suspension, but was regarded as one of the best high school players in the country prior to coming to UConn … Jim Calhoun said Price would have been the best player on the 30-4 2005-2006 Husky squad that included Rudy Gay, Marcus Williams, Josh Boone, Hilton Armstrong, Denham Brown, and Rashad Anderson

Kevin Duffy – 7/6/2007

YouTube Clip – 6/15/2008