5 - Adreian Payne

6-10, 240 Power Forward
Michigan St. Senior
02/19/91 (30.8 yrs)
Dayton, OH
High School
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Jump Shot
NBA Ready
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NBA Comparison: Drew Gooden/Robert Horry

Strengths: An explosive big with shooting range to the college 3-point line … Shot a very impressive 42.3% on 3.4 3-point attempts per game as a college senior … Payne should be a quality "pick and pop" option in the NBA because of his toughness and shooting stroke … Very good free throw shooter (about 80% in his final two seasons at MSU) … He comes off as being a bit stiff in his movements, but is as explosive off 2 feet as they come …  A banger on the block.  Has decent post moves and a good stroke … Improving feel around the basket and in the post, especially when it comes to making a counter move and passing out of double teams …  Known to be an "intangibles" guy who is a good leader and hard worker … Physical.  Has toughness you’d expect from an Izzo coached player … Wiry strong — entered MSU with a slender frame but has filled out well … Appears to be the type of player that is even stronger than he looks … Really showed off his athleticism in the college dunk contest, where many agree he had the most impressive dunk of the event, doing a 360 while bringing the ball down to his feet mid-air before throwing it down with authority.

Weaknesses: Though he has excellent physical tools, has not necessarily learned to translate his athleticism, along with his 7′ wingspan, into becoming a smart shot blocker due to poor timing on defense … Not a threat to create for teammates or make plays off the dribble …  Known to be a force on the boards, but rebounding numbers decreased (from 7.6 to 7.3 rpg), despite an increase in playing time, senior year vs. prior year …  Remains to be seen if he can excel in an up-and-down system … May struggle to play extended minutes — reportedly has reduced lung capacity.  Concerns over his lung capacity can probably be weathered by looking at the big picture; Payne projects as a role player, who would not typically be relied on for more than about 28 mpg — which matches his senior season average at MSU …  Takes a while to get set on his jump shot and has a tendency to bring the ball down to his waist to start his shooting motion, even if he catches the ball high.  However, he does have a high final release point …

Notes: 7’0" Wingspan … Entered MSU a raw talent with a lot of hype.  Initially fell short of expectations, but made significant strides in each of his 4 seasons. By his senior year was one of the nation’s elite…  Known as a high character guy. His relationship with Lacey Holsworth, a little girl (and big MSU fan) who passed on April 9th after battling cancer, became a national story.

Drew Wolin 4/9/2014

Strengths: Payne is an intriguing athlete that shows flashes of brilliance, but much of his ability is unharnessed due to lack of focus…He has decent size at 6’9” with a 7’0” wingspan, but his athleticism makes up for his average size in the post … Somewhat slender at 215 pounds, but he has a good frame and will likely add weight … Primarily plays in the post with his back to the basket, likely a PF at the professional level … Displays offensive skill by spinning off of either shoulder and finishing with right and left-handed hook shots … Uses his athleticism and strength to outrebound his high school peers … Effective defender with excellent shot-blocking ability and is not afraid of contact in the post … Has the ability to run the floor, but often takes plays off …

Weaknesses: Has tremendous raw talent, but a questionable motor … Payne has the tendency to disappear for stretches and for entire games … Displays poor shot selection as he often settles for lazy, forced jumpers instead of using his strength and athleticism to attack the basket … Does not possess much of a perimeter game with an inconsistent jumper and limited ball-handling skills … Needs time in college to develop his skills and understanding of the game …

Josh Cochran 8/7/09