First off, I am a wizards fan from baltimore. The wiz have always been my team. Being from baltimore I can’t help but feel a little pessimistic when it comes to my sports teams so i always find it refreshing when an unbiased NBA fan says this team is dangerous if everyone is healthy. I would love to agree, but I cant help but be worried about Arenas’ status as our franchise player. He is possibly the most dynamic point guard (even though he should be a 2 guard) in the league, but that knee injury worries me considering his enormous contract.

The wiz got royally screwed out of the 2nd pick with which they could have made major moves in a trade. Now they sit at number 5 in a weak draft class where it’s anyone’s guess who the best prospect is from picks 3-33.

I think they will trade the pick, possibly trade down to the mid teens, to a team that covets derozan, ty evans, jordan hill etc. What they really should do is continue to shop jamison. As much as i love the guy he is getting old and seems to be declining.

Their roster is filled with guards so jordan hill makes the most sense at 5 assuming thabeet is gone, but i’m not in love with that pick. (draftexpress says “NBA comparison: Chris Wilcox”… awesome…)

I have a feeling this draft is gonna be loaded with trades, and im hoping the wiz make a serious splash by trading the 5 pick + jamison for a top flight post player preferably with an expiring contract. I could type forever about the wizards 09 draft but i’ll leave it at that.