Hawks:Marvin Williams, last year he got a chance to start, will he get it this year. Obviously he wants to start and thinks he deserves it, but he is competing with the better player Josh Smith. With talk about Horford moving back to his original position of PF, this could move Williams to the bench for sixth man along Jamal Crawford. Will he relish this oppurtunity to bring “new life” to the team off the bench or will he fight to start, literally fight, even with first time head Dwane Casey.

Celtics: KG Big ticket. Of the entire team, he has the biggest attitude problem, but its not that much of a problem. Its been quieted down a lot. This is a really tough decision because we have seen so much success from this team, and all of the players seem to fit together. No one player shines too much while the other player takes a backseat and fights about it. They are all on the same page and willing to let others shine. They play as a team, and their really is no “cancer” player.
Bobcats: Stephen Jackson
Bulls: Now for the team that has become the Jazz of the East. Can’t wait to see Boozer come back to Utah and literally get booed not cheered as he steps onto the court. Coach Thibodeau will demand defense, usually that means success, but Boozer never was a player big on defense. He was always defined as the standing big man down low on the defensive end, but an offensive nightmare aside from Amare. He will be the cancer of this team, because the coach will be trying to implement into him to play defense, but this is not his nature. He will cause problems and headaches for Coach Thibodeau because of him just standing around as the opposing team scores and he doesn’t put up a fight.

Cavs: Not exactly a player, but maybe the Owner Dan Gilbert is the cancer for this team. He thinks the Cavs will win a championship before “King James” does. He will be trying to implement championship on a team with literally no star, and all their firepower gone to South Beach. Halfway through the season he will be sitting there praying for a championship while repeatedly seeing his team at the bottom of the Eastern Conference Standings along with the Raptors and quite possibly the entire league as well.

Mavs: Once again not a player but the owner, the millionaire, the owner who believes that a team centered around a player like Dirk Nowitski can win a championship, while seemingly every year being proved wrong. Mark Cuban, now he has the talent to win that championship with Tyson Chandler finally being given the opportunity to shine since his time as a Hornet playing alongside Chris Paul. This is where he will make his history, and I don’t think he will cause any problems. But the owner who had the idea bring him to Dallas and let him start. He is putting his faith in an unproven player. A player that has repeatedly not lived up to high expectations. Yes, he has the supporting cast who have the experience and teaching support to be that success story, but he has never reached that plateau ever since he has been in the league(I believe he was drafted in 2001!) So the owner will sit and wonder where did he go wrong again. He will fight with Chandler to become that force down low, and then sit and watch in stands and disappointed repeatedly.

Denver: Carmelo Anthony, The star of the Nuggets will not sign an extension because he wants more than just winning and making the playoffs, he wants a championship. But this year maybe the first time his team actually struggles to make the playoffs. I think they will make it, but with Coach Karl still battling cancer, Kmart and Birdman still battling injuries, no big man down low to control the paint other than Nene who also has had more then his fair share of injuries. They are going to struggle to compete. At times Melo may even decide to just quit and not play like we know he can because he is unhappy about where the Nuggets are at. Him, along with Chris Paul will be the two players that will be demanding a trade but may not get it, because the GM of both teams is telling their star players, “Patience” I don’t think he has that. Will he wait and watch his team try to compete, and he lead them, or will he complain as he repeatedly sees his team struggle to win games because they don’t have the pieces to fit together. The calming voice of his friend Chauncey Billups, I don’t think will be enough to calm him down.

Detroit: Every player on the team. Last year this team had no chemistry and literally stunk each time they stepped onto the court. The same thing will happen this time around. Prince and Hamilton, the only players still around since their glory days will fight for a chance to start with newcomers Jonas Jerebko, Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon seemingly taking their places. They should start but it seems that the team wants to get younger, yet have the wrong pieces to do so. Both Gordon and Charlie received big bucks to play here last year yet are bench players. The day this team finally comes together and starts winning, I think will be the day when Prince and Hamilton have both been traded. Sadly, this may never happen as it seems that both players might retire as Piston players.

Warriors: New management. Once again will struggle to compete, because new management is trying to implement a new offense while every is so used to playing the run and gun all offense that Coach Nelson preaches. This will obviously cause problems for each player as the two sides constantly fight each other as to which way is the best. The only player that could also be a cancer other then new management is Andris Biedrins

Okay this is getting to long of a post so I am just going to list the team and the player, no explanations.
Rockets: Courtney Lee
Pacers: Danny Granger
Clippers: Baron Davis
Lakers: Ron Artest (once again very tough decision as was the Celtics)
Grizzlies: Zach Randolph (the Gilbert Arenas of this year. Quite possibly could bring drugs into the locker room and cause a complete makeover as did Arenas for the Wizards when he brought a gun to the locker room)
Heat: Chris Bosh
Bucks: tie between Corey Maggette and Drew Gooden.
Wolves; Michael Beasley
Nets: Mikhail Prokorov, believes the Nets can make the leap from lottery dweller to playoff contender is just one season. Still have my doubts, if that is possible or not for the Nets.
Knicks: Eddy Curry
Thunder: Nenad Krstic (got the oppotunity to start and did well, but now may have to give his spot up to newcomer Cole Aldrich, will he take a backseat and sit on the bench or will literally fight to start on this upstart team)
Magic: Vince Carter
Sixers: Andre Igoudala
Suns: Josh Childress
Blazers: Greg Oden
Kings: Demarcus Cousins(This maybe the first time a rookie is the “cancer” to his team.)
Spurs: Richard Jefferson
Raptors: Jose Calderon
Jazz: tie between CJ Miles and Andrei Kirilenko
Wizards: Josh Howard