Draft fans, hello and welcome to NBADraft.net’s annual Draft Game! This is the place to test your knowledge against other draft fans. Be crowned a draft expert by finishing first among thousands of participants. Your mock draft will be scored and ranked among the NBADraft.net community.

Mock Draft Scoring

Here is the scoring system (after the draft is complete). Different point totals are awarded for first round picks (positions 1 – 30) and second round picks (positions 31 – 60).

1-30 (First round) 31-60 (Second Round)
Exact pick 5 pts 3 pts
within 3 positions 3 pts 1 pt
within 5 positions 2 pts 1 pt
within 10 positions 1 pt 1 pt
greater than 10 positions 0 pt 0 pt


In the event of ties, the following additional criteria will be applied to determine the “winners”:

  1. # of exact picks in the top 14 positions
  2. # of points earned for top 30 positions
  3. # of players in mock draft that were in the final draft (60 positions)
  4. Earliest date of last mock draft addition/edit

To be included in scoring, mock must have at least 25 players.


Score is your total score for the draft.


Rank is your rank among the entire pool of users playing the game.

Create a Mock Draft

Create your own mock draft here