Syracuse Tops RPI Rankings At The Midway Point


So what is RPI?

Well, it is the "Ratings Percentage Index", used by the NCAA to aide in selecting teams and seedings for the NCAA Tournament. RPI is made up of a team's winning percentage (25%), its opponents' winning percentage (50%), and the winning percentage of those opponents' opponents (25%). In 2004 the RPI was modified to account for differences in home and away games. A home win counts as 0.6 win, while a road win counts as 1.4 wins. Conversely, a home loss equals 1.4 losses, while a road loss counts as 0.6 loss. Thank you!

RPI is not the only thing that decides seeding in the NCAA tournament, but it definitely helps teams on the fringe or bubble. Syracuse, the nations #1 team, also currently has the highest RPI as they have rolled through even solid competition. Seton Hall, another Big East team, ranks second. Does this mean RPI runner-up Seton Hall will also be a #1 seed if the tournament started today? Probably not, but it would certainly give them a chance at a top 6 seed in any of the four regions, even with them not being ranked in either top 25 poll.

Still, these are not the final RPI rankings, but they give you an idea of how teams have done up to this point. Also, they give a projected strength of schedule to show how the rest of the season might effect where they stand in later RPI rankings.