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Player of the Week

Lance Goulbourne, Vanderbilt

Lance GoulbourneLance GoulbourneThe 6'8 junior from Brooklyn, NY has been invaluable to the Commodores 14-4 mark. Since entering the starting lineup on December 8th he's scored nearly 10 points and grabbed nearly 10 boards a night. In Vanderbilt's two wins this week over Mississippi and St. Mary's CA he averaged 14.5 points, 13 rebounds and 3.5 assists (3 turnovers), draining two threes and 11 of 13 free throw attempts. He notched a pair of double-doubles this week, the first two of his collegiate career. A solid athlete with tremendous versatility, length and quick leaping ability, Goulbourne is finally playing a role that suits his strengths. His reputation as a three-pointer marksman is quickly fading as he continues to make massive forward strides in his all-around game. On a negative note, while he's making plays, his ball handling woes are peaking. Goulbourne has committed 14 turnovers in his last four outings.


Tony Mitchell, Alabama

Mitchell has quietly produced a big time season and deserves more national recognition. The Tide's frontcourt, spearheaded by Mitchell and JaMychal Green, has turned the fortunes of Alabama's season. They've won 7 of 8 contests including a home victory over Kentucky and road win at Auburn this week. In the two triumphs Mitchell scored 15 points per game on 12/20 shooting (60%) from the field and 3/7 from behind the arc, tallying 6.5 boards, 2.5 steals and a block. The 6'6 small forward is all over the court and his athleticism never fails to wreck at least a segment of the game. His defensive prowess leads to fast break offense, where he and his teammates excel. The Tide has an excellent chance to reach 6-1 in conference play with home bouts versus LSU and Mississippi State upcoming.

Honorable Mention: Sam Muldrow, South Carolina- 21.5 points (61% FG), 10.5 rebounds, 4.5 blocks and 3 three-pointers.


Charvez Davis, Alabama

The left-handed gunner was firing on all cylinders in late December and early January, but he's hit rock bottom since. Since entering the conference schedule Davis is averaging 7 points, shooting 12/46 from the floor (26%) and 7/31 from three (23%). If he's not hitting open jumpers, his use on the floor is nil.

Rotnei Clarke, Arkansas

On a Razorbacks team that lacks legit offensive weaponry (especially on the perimeter), Clarke is shadowed all over the court. In Arkansas' road loss at South Carolina he scored 5 points on 1/7 shooting, and he was shutout in a blowout defeat at Florida on just three field goal attempts. He has yet to crack the 15-point plateau in six (2-4) January games.

Top 5 Playmaking Point Guards

1. Dee Bost, Mississippi State- Bost has carried the Bulldogs offense in four games since returning. 7 of his 13 field goal attempts are coming from distance, but he's much more effective when he gets a piece of the paint where he can finish (17 points) or create for others (6.5 assists).

2. Brandon Knight, Kentucky- The point guard spot is still a work in progress for Knight, but he has a myriad of options to put points on the scoreboard (18). He's done an admirable job setting up teammates (3.7 assists) but he's a raw decision maker (3.3 turnovers).

3. Gerald Robinson, Georgia- Dustin Ware handles the primary ball handling duties for the Bulldogs, but Robinson is their number one playmaker off the bounce. He utilizes his explosive first step to force opposing defenses to collapse and is finding the open man with regularity (4.2 assists).

4. Chris Warren, Mississippi- A volume shooter and scorer by nature (18 points), Warren has toned things down as a senior. He's averaging over 4 assists per contest and a career low 1.9 turnovers, but still far from a true point.

5. Bruce Ellington, South Carolina- For better or for worse, "something" will happen when Ellington has the rock. He might pull up for a 25-foot three-pointer, make a sparkling pass or commit an inexcusable turnover. That's simply the nature of freshman, but the 5'9 point guard is an absolute lightning rod.

Honorable Mention: Julysses Nobles, Arkansas- His style is not aesthetically pleasing, but Nobles makes the Razorbacks offense go.

Weekly Thoughts

Tennessee continues to struggle from long range connecting on 12/39 three pointers this week. The Vols are now 11th in the conference shooting 32% on the season.

Mississippi guard Chris Warren is shooting 95% from the free throw line on just short of 5 FT attempts per game. He's missed only 5 all season and none since December 23rd (31 straight). In other Ole Miss news, freshman Dundrecous Nelson scored 17 points in 14 minutes at Vanderbilt, hitting 4/5 field goals, 3/4 treys and 6/6 free throws.

Critical tests lie ahead for Georgia (14-4, 3-2) this week: versus Florida on Tuesday and at Kentucky on Saturday. The Bulldogs are in solid position with a 42 RPI, but there is much work to be done. They lack a marquee road win (at Georgia Tech).

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