4 - Uros Tripkovic

6-5, 190 Point Guard/Shooting Guard
N/A International
09/11/86 (34.5 yrs)
Belgrade, Serbia
International Team
Telekom Baskets Bonn
Euroleague Profile
2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
88 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Sasha Vujacic

Stevan Petrovic – 5/6/2008

Strengths: Tripkovic is excellent shooter and solid prospect with high basketball IQ … Over the last few weeks, Tripkovic is playing well, especially in the Adriatic League Final Four in Ljubljana, Slovenia … He is natural scorer and his game depends on his shooting accuracy … A player that cant be left open at any time (possesses NBA 3 pt range) … His mechanics and release at the top of his elevation are terrific … Uses screens well to get open for jump-shots and has the ability to create shots with ball fakes and off the dribble … Very consistent shooter; if he hits his first few shots he will be very difficult to stop … Quick with the ball; he has improved his first step … If he gets by his defender Tripkovic will most likely pull-up for the jump-shot or pass the ball … Uses his outside shooting ability to create mid-range jumpers … Tripkovic has the ability to play the PG position (he did so when he was younger) … Handles the ball well and shows fine slashing ability … Tripkovic is an excellent passer who possesses good court vision and knows how to play the game (doesnt force anything offensively). Good free throw shooter 85.2 %. He also has improved his movement without the ball …

Weaknesses: Lacks toughness and aggressiveness in the game, both mentally and physically … Not freak of an athlete but certainly a quick player … Has to be more explosive off the dribble … Tripkovic struggles defensively against quicker and more athletic players (poor 1 on 1 defender) which a real concern for the NBA … He relies too much on his jump-shot, which makes him somewhat one dimensional; has to learn how to attack the basket more (the big question will be his penetration to the basket for the NBA level)… Not vocal enough, lacks the fire to get after teammates or fully express his emotions … His strength will always be a concern for the NBA …

Steven Petrovic – 6/1/2006

Strengths: Tripkovic is very skilled guard and great shooter who can hit 3’s, mid-range jumpers and can finish with the lay-up … He is one of the best young guards in Europe … He is a natural scorer, but also he is capable of finding other players for shots … Handles the ball very well in the open court with good speed … Was coming off the bench last year, but this year he improved a lot and is a starter now … He uses screens very well and moves well without the ball (loves to take shots coming off screens) … A player that you can not leave open around three point line … He has great release on his shot and very good mechanics (has NBA 3 point range) Able to create his own shots off the dribble Very quick player who can run up and down the court very well … Has good body control and can even block some shots Good free throw shooter Tripkovic played PG when he was younger and now he is used more at SG Loves to play pick and roll

Weaknesses: Right now he’s not tough and aggressive enough to play at the next level … He also needs to add some weight to play in the NBA … Not freak of an athlete but very quick player and can explode … Has to be more explosive off the dribble … Tries to do too much with the ball sometimes Very poor defensively and does not fight through picks hard enough … Lacks experience His leadership will improve over time playing in Europe … Has trouble against pressure on the floor, and will turn the ball over from time to time … Defensively he struggles against more athletic and stronger players Lacks a great first step on offense

2005-2006 Season: 11.6 PPG./ 2.0 ASS./ 2.0 STL.
*Has a six year contract with Partizan,Belgrade

Cristian Biagini – 12/5/2005

Strengths: A great shooter with a smooth offensive game … He is a natural talent with instincts: one of the top guard prospects in Europe … Effortless shooting stroke with range, he can put points on the scoreboard in a hurry … Has good ball-handling skills, and his ability to play the point some makes him intriguing to scouts … Last year was the first in which he had extended playing time, and he proved worthy of it gaining a lot of interest from the NBA … He can spot up from outside as well as shoot off the dribble … Moves well without the ball using screens and cuts to get open … Shoots well off the pick and roll … If he gets an open look he is a deadly shooter …

Weaknesses: Lacks intensity, toughness and aggressiveness … His body is very weak and it adds to his lack of aggressiveness on the court … Not a very athletic player, lacks explosiveness but has good quickness … He plays only on the perimeter, he lacks the first step to explode to the basket and beat his man 1 on 1… He isn’t an all around player, he is more of a specialist … Below average on D, especially as a 1 on 1 defender … Doesn’t fight through picks hard enough … Tends to try for the spectacular play when the sound play will do … Lacks great leadership skills and is not vocal … As a PG his handle is good but his vision and passing skills are just average, doesn’t handle defensive pressure well …

Notes: Has a long term deal with Partizan which could keep him out of the draft for a few years.

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