51 - Sean Williams

6-10, 235 Power Forward/Center
Boston College Junior
09/13/86 (35.9 yrs)
Houston, TX
High School
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90 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Theo Ratliff

Matthew Maurer – 2/18/2007

Strengths: Athletically Williams has few peers with his leaping ability and quickness Extremely mobile player who runs the court with ease and has no problems getting out on the break One of the best shot blockers in college where he has great natural instincts Possesses all the physical tools to excel, long wingspan, quick hands, timing and the ability to produce multiple jumps in succession Offensively Williams has improved greatly adding a solid jump hook and decent turnaround with his back to the basket Has good touch around the basket where he is a solid finisher When motivated he has the ability to be a quality rebounder Possesses a mean streak to attack opposing players who challenge him in the paint Excellent lateral quickness enables him to be a tremendous help defender Although some have questioned his work ethic one cannot argue with the development of his game Has improved tremendously from the free throw line this year where he is no longer a determinant during the last few minutes of close games Understands what his role on a team is and rarely tries to go outside of his abilities Does a good job of using his long arms and mobility to disrupt post passes for easy steals Body suggests that he could add weight and retain his athleticism … Has a good deal of potential …

Weakness: Off the court behavior got him repeatedly suspended and ultimately kicked off the BC team halfway through his junior season … His work ethic and commitment to basketball are very much in question, and his dismissal surely cost his draft stock consideerably … Doesnt always play the game with intensity often its not uncommon for him to get out worked by players with lesser talent Despite having all the physical tools, Williams is not a good out of position rebounder due to his unwillingness to hustle Suffers from a lack of focus, at times it doesnt seem like he is interested in playing Could stand to bulk up and add more upper body strength to his physique Tends to get pushed away from the basket when posting up because of this Doesnt always take care of the ball when executing his moves on offense as he is prone to strips Still learning the game so his basketball IQ isnt the best Has a tendency to pick-up fouls with regularity Can be a little too aggressive for his on good on defense Would benefit from continuing to expand his offensive game facing the basket

Adi Joseph – 12/11/2006

Strengths: The best shot blocker to come along in years … Has the ability to alter any shot in the lane, making him a huge defensive presence … Length is unbelievable. His 7-5 wingspan and defensive mindset make him a menace to opposing shooters. Loves to block jump shooters on the perimeter … Gets his fair share of steals as well … Extremely high vertical leap … Quickness is outstanding defensively… Has finally developed a semblance of an offensive game… Developing into a decent free throw shooter with an improvement from 51% as a sophomore to mid 70s so far this season… Knows his role in the offense … Good at getting points on put-backs and dunks … Defends well man to man as well as on help … Strong on the boards offensively and defensively …

Weaknesses: No evidence of any range on his jump shot, as he rarely shoots from outside 5-8 feet … Gets into foul trouble too often, but as aggresively as he is defensively blocking shots, it’s understandable … Should be a stronger rebounder considering his size and athleticism, similar to Ratliff. Could be a lot better with crisper fundamentals and working on positioning and boxing out better … Added body strength would allow him to play the center position on the next level … Barely touches the ball outside the paint … Can be passive offensively, just looking to crash the glass. Should work on a few signature offensive moves … Attitude isn’t the best, appears to lack maturity … Has had off the court issues already in his collegiate career, with two suspensions … He’s a talented player, but he’ll need to stay focused to realize his excellent potential …