3 - Jared Dudley

6-7, 225 Small Forward
Boston College Senior
07/10/85 (36.5 yrs)
San Diego, CA
High School
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2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Ademola Okulaja

Matthew Maurer – 3/20/2007

Strengths: Has improved by leaps and bounds shooting from the perimeter over the course of his career Plays the game with toughness and a highly competitive will to win Understands the game like few others as Dudleys basketball IQ might be among the best in the collegiate ranks Possesses excellent court vision which allows him to make great passes Despite growing into an accomplished scorer, Dudley remains unselfish Does a great job of reading where the ball will go and box out his area for the rebound Good body strength enables him to finish after absorbing contact Offensively he is a hard match who creates mismatches with his ability to post up smaller forwards and take power forwards out of the post with his shooting Possesses solid ball handling ability to operate from the perimeter Has legit three point range on his jumper Understands how to initiate contact and draw fouls from opposing defenders When doing this he will incorporate a number of pump fakes to get defenders off their feet Scrappy player who hustles for loose balls and will do whatever dirty work is necessary to win Has become an adequate mid-range shooter from 16-18 feet where he hits with regularity Defensively he approaches his assignment with the idea that he will out work them and use his high intensity level and aggressiveness to intimidate Has improved greatly utilizing screens to get open Work ethic is top notch as one only has to see how he has developed since entering Boston Colleges program as a freshmen

Weaknesses: Potential wise some will be concerned about how much development he has left Athletically he isnt a superior athlete on the college level and will be even less of one in the NBA Defensively his lateral quickness will prevent him from effectively defending his man Has had a few times this past season where he has had to defend elite athletes and has struggled Lacks the first step to gain full separation from his defender Has yet to fully create offense for himself off the dribble. Which explains why he rarely drives to the basket Prefers to create offense in the post then extend out to the perimeter Will be viewed as a tweener too short to be a power forward and not athletic enough to play small forward Perimeter shooting can go through periods of inconsistency Although Dudley has shown improvement, he still struggles to shoot off the dribble

Aran Smith – 10/5/2006

Strengths: A tremendous competitor with a real passion for the game Finds a way to out-play superior athletes with great heart and will power Possess a high basketball IQ … Emotional and intense competitor who will do whatever it takes to help his team win … Shows amazing hustle. An overachiever, maximizes his talents Tough around the basket, really battles hard for rebounds and is fearless attacking the basket Shows excellent versatility on the college level with the ability to post up as well as face the basket Always seems to know where to be. Rebounds well, especially offensively and competes hard, doesnt back down An excellent defender on the college level, but his lack of foot speed is a big hurdle for him on the next level Has great vision and passing ability for a forward (has averaged 3 assists per game throughout his BC career) Outside shooting has shown solid improvement

Weaknesses: Lacks a real position on the NBA level Too small to play in the post and lacks the speed, athleticism and quickness to guard perimeter players Foot speed is painfully slow Not especially explosive or athletic Has a decent jump shot, but lacks a potent offensive repertoire scoring mainly on shots around the basket Has sort of an unusual frame with hunched shoulders Scores a lot of baskets by simply overpowering players, but the same moves wont be effective on the next level Statistics are very consistent but appear to have leveled off Decent shooter from mid range but lacks consistency from 3 point

Notes: Will have a chance to assume a larger role offensively with the departure of Craig Smith (NBA) Has a chance to make it as a role player in the NBA, but likely will become a star in high level European basketball

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