23 - Derrick Rose

6-3, 196 Point Guard
Memphis Freshman
10/04/88 (33 yrs)
Chicago, IL
High School
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2007 Statistics
Jump Shot
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Ball Handling
104 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Dwyane Wade/Jason Kidd

Drew Wolin – 2/8/2007

Strengths: A breath taking athlete with terrific size for the point guard position at 6-3 … His upside is truly special … An absolutely dazzling dunker with blinding speed … Likely to be the most athletic PG in the league for years to come … A point guard in the truest sense of the word. His development in this area has been phenomenal in the past 2 years (which is apparent when you read his profile from a year and a half ago) … Knows how to run a team, and raises the level of play of his teammates … A pass-first point guard with excellent court vision … Has a rare ability to create passing lanes, finding and creating shots for teammates who do not appear to be open … A relentless defender with quick hands and length. Gets low and will lock his man down on defense and should only improve. Gives the same intensity and effort on both ends of the floor Excellent handle on the ball, with a deadly crossover, very tough to contain one on one … A constant threat to blow by his man off the dribble … Rarely shows much emotion, very calm on and off-court demeanor, does not get rattled easily … Plays with a high level of intensity remaining level-headed … Deadly on the fast break with his passing ability and athleticism … Powerful leaper. Can get his head at rim level and has the strength to go into traffic and dunk on people Catlike quickness and body control … Excellent finisher around the basket even after contact Clutch player who raises his level of play against good competition and wants the ball in crunch time … Hits his foul shots at a good rate … Very team-oriented with a great attitude. Willing to learn, very coachable and still improving … Accustomed to the ‘family feeling’ with his teams (he is very close with his high school teammates, and his AAU team, coached by his brother, consisting mostly of his high school teammates). Has a close knit group surrounding him and protecting his future … Tough as nails competitor. A warrior who leaves it out on the floor every time out … A true floor general who shows a solid understanding of the game. Good decision maker. Has very long arms and strong hands … Loves to drive and hang in the air and shoot when hes cleared the defense … Very crafty at making shots around the basket, especially fadeways getting great height on his jumpers … Excellent rebounder due to his size, strength and tenacity

Weaknesses: Mechanics on his shot are not fluid, so he may need to adjust it some as he sort of slings the ball from his shoulder, though his shot has shown steady improvement … A streaky shooter, can go through cold spells … More effective in an up-tempo game, understands tempo but his speed obviously makes running logical and is still less effective in the half court … Underdeveloped moves off the dribble. He can become more polished creating shots from the perimeter (à la OJ Mayo) … Right now relies almost exclusively on his power, handle, and quickness to get by defenders … Can become a lot better at running the pick and roll … Has the size to post up PGs all day. He shows great strength and intensity inside but has underutilized back to the basket skills … Sometimes appears to be coasting during games, though I believe this is when he is getting a feel for the tempo of the game, and he is reluctant to force things … Not much of a vocal leader, but certainly leads by example. And this is sure to develop with maturity … A year or two in college will do wonders for his grasp of the point guard position. Easily the toughest to master on the NBA level … Had a tendency to rely too much on his athleticism early in his high school career, but has developed other facets of his game …

Notes: With his package of size, speed and talent hes got a legitimate shot to go first overall, which is unusual for a point guard …

Frank Rusnak – 8/9/2005

Strengths: An extraordinary athlete, there are few as athletic as him. Extremely quick hands, feet and fast in the open court … He simply takes the air out of a gym when he goes into action whether it is taking off for a highlight-reel dunk or knifing through the passing lanes to pick off an unsuspecting point guards entry pass to the wing … He rises high on his solid jumper which extends to the three-point line … He has very good ball handling ability … A great kid. Derrick is the antithesis to many of the prima donnas of this day and age. A quiet-natured individual, he carries himself with a proud dignity on the court but rarely shows emotions.

Weaknesses: Right now he is just too valuable as a scorer to be his team’s PG, but he’ll need to work on becoming more of a PG to optimize his potential on the NBA level. But he does play PG occasionally for Simeon and when he does it’s more of just the guy who brings it up, sets up the offense and kicks it over to the wing; rarely do I see him wheeling and dealing, getting in the paint and creating for his teammates. Now he does do that occasionally, but not as much as a typical top-level PG. So making his teammates better is probably the biggest area he needs to improve upon … At times his quiet demeanor could almost be confused for timidness on the court. Although he is a remarkable individual when he asserts himself, there are times when he blends into the flow of the game and doesnt exhibit his dominance as much as he could.

YouTube Clip – 3/20/2007

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