3 - Anthony Randolph

6-10, 197 Small Forward
LSU Freshman
07/15/89 (30.5 yrs)
North Little Rock, AR
High School
Woodrow WIlson
2007 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
95 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Lamar Odom/Tayshaun Prince

Aran Smith – 3/9/2008

Strengths: Long, lanky forward with a great deal of upside … His length and agility makes him very unique playing on the wing … Highly versatile. He has a vast array of offensive abilities, especially impressive considering his age: Randolph has a tremendous handle and gets to the basket extremely well off the bounce … A smooth athlete with great foot speed … Runs the floor like a deer and has amazing fluidity … Really makes a difficult match up as he’s able to use his great length on both ends of the floor … His offensive skill set is developing quickly … Scores very well around the basket with a wide array of hooks and finger rolls. Being left handed enhances his effectiveness … Has really developed as the season has gone on, and is beginning to dominate on a regular basis … Causes mayhem crashing the glass, often following teammates shots with highlight one handed finishes … Also shows solid vision and playmaking ability for teammates … Has a lot of defensive potential. Blocks a ton of shots (2.3 pg) for a wing player due to his length, timing and explosiveness … Shows good promise as a free throw shooter (70%), hard work and repetition should help him increase it …

Weaknesses: A high risk, high reward type pick at this stage of his career. He’s got a chance to be special, but in turn a higher than average chance of being a bust as well … Still very skinny, and may always be on the skinny side ala Tayshaun Prince … His arms in particular need bulking up … His NBA readiness isn’t quite at the level of some other draft hopefuls … Must get stronger and tougher both physically and mentally … Must gain confidence and not get discouraged when things aren’t going well … Still prone to cold nights shooting the ball … He’s a very shy, quiet kid, and the year in Baton Rouge has been great for him but he could really use a second year to continue his maturity and off court development before taking on the bright lights and distractions that exist at the next level. Unfortunately that appears unlikely, as Randolph is said to be leaning towards entering the draft one-and-done … Maturity question marks will need to be answered in the evaluation process leading up to the draft. … Shows a solid shooting stroke, but really need to develop more range. The three ball isn’t currently in his repertoire (11% on the year with just two makes) … Will need to tighten his handle and become less turnover prone …

Aran Smith – 7/3/2006

Strengths: A raw talent. Extremely versatile forward with great quickness and athleticism … Has the ability to face the basket, as well as play in the post … Can get by players off the dribble with his great first step … Shows a lot of raw potential, especially considering how much he improved over the past year… (Similar to Chris Bosh at the same stage of his career although not as stong)

Weaknesses: Must get a lot stronger physically, needs about 25-30 pounds minimum … Also must get a lot tougher mentally … Still very raw skill wise, puitting it all together, but his potential is considerable …

Notes: Undecided on where he will go to college … Moved from Arkansas to Dallas as a junior …

YouTube Clip – 6/2/2008

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