4 - Andrija Milutinovic

6-6, 190 Shooting Guard
Serbia International
06/08/90 (30.4 yrs)
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Ball Handling
87 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Mike Miller

Strengths: One of the most talented young players in Serbia with a high basketball IQ and natural feel for the game … Athletic and smart player who can play a few positions on the floor … Attacks the basket well and draws many fouls (shows very good vision in penetrating the lane often driving to the baseline and going for the dunk), surprising considering that he is not that strong; also Andrija is one of the youngest players in the league as well … Clutch. Has ability to finish strong under pressure … Unstoppable in the open court due to his body control … Good first step while driving to the rim (not afraid of getting his shot blocked by bigger opponents; dunked on Kikanovic who is 6-11) … Handles the ball well with both hands, showing good control and excellent decision-making with the ball (played PG while he was younger) … Offensively, Andrija has a very effective shot. He can hit 3s, mid-range jumpers and come off screens … His jump shot has a high, quick, and consistent release, which holds up well while on the move or when contested … Moves well without the ball and knows how to use screens to get open for jump-shots … He reads the defense well and recognizes mismatches … Passes the ball well, Andrija will make crosscourt passes to open teammates and hit cutters off the dribble … Very good offensive rebounder due to his long arms … Defensively he has good hands and which helps him on steals, but struggles getting around screens, not always going over them, leading to some easy opponents shots … Already shows that he is tough mentally. Coachable player who should only improve his game and get better.

Weaknesses: Lack of strength (must bulk up and add muscle for next level) … Has to improve his defensive footwork and quickness so he can stay in front of his defender … Offensively he has nice jump shot but struggles to create off the dribble … Has to develop his mid-range game and be more effective from there … Andrija must improve on his off the ball defense and be more aware where his defender is … Lacks experience on professional level (makes some silly mistakes in the game) … Also, turns the ball over few times will affect him in the game … Right now is still too young for NBA, but if he continues to work on his game and his body he can develop into good player down the road …

– Averages 17 minutes and 5 ppg per game so far in NLB League 2008/09
– Games Scouted: FMP-Red Star (NLB League 10.04.08), FMP-Vojvodina (NLBLeague 10.11.08)

Stevan Petrovic – 12/9/2008

Strengths: Baby faced assassin. … His face makes him appear as if hes 14, but has the skills of a veteran … Talented shooter … His shot is pure, tremendously quick release, effortless stroke … His shot is excellent now and should continue to improve … High basketball IQ type with a lot of determination … Has a great passion for the game, plays with a swagger … Right now he plays point guard, so his ball handling and passing are very good. But for the NBA his natural position is at the 2-guard spot … Athletically, and skill wise, hes similar to a Mike Miller, although not as quick … Hes more athletic than he appears … Has no trouble going up for dunks on the break or even off the drive … Makes good decisions with the ball … Good ball protector … Doesnt over dribble or force things that arent there, makes the game easy … Good vision and passing ability, hence his running the point … Unselfish, teammates Subotic and Musli score more points than him and benefit from his presence … Has a disciplined approach to the game … The FMP junior team plays like a machine, and his grasp of the game and efficiency is a big reason … Very competitive, raising his level of focus and play in big situations …

Weaknesses: : Lacks tremendous foot speed … His athleticism and foot speed is actually better than it appears but is below standard for a NBA 2-guard … He will struggle to create his own shot some due to defenders overplaying him … His legs are a little thick, could use some work on toning his overall body as it appears he has some babyfat to shed … Will need to find a place in a senior team whether it be FMP or another where he can get playing time and develop … He’s proven himself at the junior level, so now he must grow up and begin to do what he does well against professionals …

Aran Smith – 5/10/2008

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