33 - Aaron Gray

7-1, 280 Center
Pittsburgh Senior
12/07/84 (35.9 yrs)
Emmaus, PA
High School
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2006 Statistics
Jump Shot
NBA Ready
Post Skills
89 Overall:

NBA Comparison: Matt Geiger

Matthew Maurer – 12/23/2006

Strengths: Unlike many post players Gray doesnt put the ball on the floor. Once he gets the ball he goes straight up with it Owns soft hands that enable him to catch most passes thrown into the post without fumbling, and has soft touch on his shots Solid rebounder who understand how to seal his man off and get rebounds in his area Has made tremendous strides on his past footwork over the past year Offensively he has a good assortment of back to the basket moves When he gets the ball inside the post, he can finish with a jump hook, spin lay-up or short flip-ins and put-backs Excellent post passer who sees the floor well Double teams do not effect him as he can easily find the open man Defensively he may not be a natural shot blocker but he uses strong effort to disrupt shots Does a great job of keeping his body between the basket and the opposing defender Possesses excellent court awareness, he understands the game and is fundamentally sound His progress as a player and athletically is a testament to his great work ethic While not a speedster, Gray willingly runs the court Finishes well around the basket thanks to his soft touch Has no problem finishing after contact due to his excellent size and strength Shows quality mid-range shooting ability out to 12-15 feet

Weaknesses: Athletically Gray is not exceptionally quick or explosive This has affects his overall game in a number of aspects: He will never be an impact shot blocker due to his lack of explosiveness Under the glass he struggles to grab rebounds out of his position . Doesnt always get himself wide in the post, often he allowing opponents to dictate where he goes on the floor Must continue to work on conditioning to improve upon his stamina Doesnt excel in a fast paced offense as he is clearly more comfortable in a half court set Improving his lateral quickness and foot speed would make this less of a issue Does struggle to score when facing athletic players with good size and athleticism Has had trouble throughout his career with foul trouble while improved there are games where he finds himself on the bench

Aran Smith – 4/2/2006

Strengths: Late bloomer who showed incredible improvement in his junior season … At 7-0, 270 pounds, Gray has tremendous size and strength … Rebounds the ball very well, his best attribute … Also has above average passing ability … Has developed some effective moves in near the basket … Through hard work has shown excellent progress in his body, mobility and game … Shows solid fundamentals and good mechanics shooting the ball … Free throw shooting stll just average but showing steady improvement … Uses his body well to create shots, enjoys contact. Has good toughness … Plays to his strengths rebounding and scoring on put backs …

Weaknesses: Lacks great agility and body control … Struggles coordinating his feet on drives to the basket and in transition … Lacks great touch and range on his shot. FG% far below where it needs to be for a center … Turnover prove, doesn’t have great ability to protect the basketball … Slow foot speed and lateral quickness … Plays better in the half court set … Not a big leaper … Struggles offensively against athletic shot blockers … Decent shot blocker due to his size, but does not get great lift, and wont be a huge shot blocker on the next level …