Official NCAA Tournament Challenge


Last year we had a good time and this year I would like to get even more participants. We are going to do the ESPN Tournament Challenge and I have named the group "". If you could limit it to one (1) entry, that would be much appreciated. Otherwise, just submit a bracket and if you want us to know who you all are, just make your bracket name your username.

Winner will get some definite props from me on NCAA Daily and probably get some definite cred. This is all in good fun and you never know what will happen in the tournament. Fairly sure last year nobody chose UConn, so we will see if we have better luck this season. I will post more info about it on the main page, but for the loyal forum members, join the group, get a bracket in and if you would like, tell your family and friends.

It is free and unpredictable! Every year the unexpected happens, stars are born and Cinderella's have no curfew! NCAA Daily will try to breakdown the match-ups for you, but in the end truly any team can come up big in March Madness!

Here is the link to the group: