Most Under achieving team?

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Most Under achieving team?

This poll is to determine whuch team is the most disappointing team, not to be confused with the "Worst franchise". Teams that have the fan base and popularity but always seem to fall short in the championship category. I chose one team in each of the four major sports. The teams: Chicago Cubs: One of the most popular teams in baseball that have die hard fans, but haven't won a World Series in over 100 years. You can make up all the superstitions you want but even the Marlins have two in their only 20 year history and even their cross city rivals broke their curse. Detroit Lions: This team might be able to also qualify for worst franchise in sports. There on this list because this team before the Super Bowl era was a dominat team in the NFL and even won 4 NFL titles. Since 1957, their last championship, they never won or gone to the Super Bowl and have only made the playoffs 9 times since 57'. At least they have hockey. New York Knicks: Though they've had competive teams in there history they only have two championships in the 70's to show for it in one of the largest fan base in the NBA. By far one of the most underachieving franchise in NY. Only the Jets have fewer championships. Toronto Maple Leafs: They have thirteen championships in there name, so why are they on the list. They haven't won in over 40 years. In othe words, last time they won there were only six teams in the NHL, now there are 30. Which isn't alright when your the most valuable team in the NHL, have the best hockey fan base, and play in the hockey hot bed of the world.
Who is the most under achieving franchise?
Chicago Cubs (MLB)
Detoit Lions (NFL)
New York Knicks (NBA)
Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)

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