tyreke injured?

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tyreke injured?

Tyreke Evans may have scored the living daylights out of the ball in Tuesday night’s game, but on Wednesday things just didn’t seem to go his away. He didn’t play for the entire first quarter, but in the remaining three he only managed 5 points and 3 assists. To show you what kind of night it was for the Kings, those three assists was a team-high. Evans wouldn’t shake with his right hand after the game, guarding what may have been some sort of injury, which would help explain his issues. But whatever the case, the Kings have yet to win a Summer League game, and without Evans doing what he does, their final game on Friday might not end up any differently.

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summer league

will be a preview to their nba season. I am not a kings hater but I think the kings are by far the worst team next season.

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I know nothing about the

I know nothing about the possible injury but jojososa, don't worry too much about summer league results. it really doesn't mean much, it only shows who can't play. if a player is struggling through all of summer league, then there might be reason concern.

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Tyreke hand

From the Sacramento Bee:

LAS VEGAS – Kings rookie guard Tyreke Evans sat out Tuesday's scrimmage against Portland because of a sprained right index finger.

Evans' finger was wrapped to prevent swelling as he watched from the sideline. He will try to play today when the Kings play the NBA D-League Select team.

"I don't know," Evans said of playing today. "I'll just keep icing it and getting treatment and go from there."

Evans took a few hard falls in Monday's game against Milwaukee but said the injury occurred when Bucks guard Brandon Jennings hit the ball away from him.

Evans, the fourth overall selection in last month's NBA draft, has excelled in the summer league. He's averaging 24.3 points, 7.7 rebounds and 4.7 assists in three games.

Evans had 33 points, nine rebounds and seven assists against the Bucks.

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