Who would you take Duncan or Olajuwon?

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Who would you take Duncan or Olajuwon?

1.I'll love the hear guys arguments over who was the better player Duncan or Olajuwon?

2.Vince Carter or Ray Allen?

3.Brandon Roy or Joe Johnson?

4.Steve Nash or John Stockton?

5.Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace?

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1. Olajuwon, he is a true

1. Olajuwon, he is a true center, Duncan is more of a PF/C

2. Allen, every good team needs a guy to stretch the defense

3. Johnson, bigger and stronger, more of a #1 option than Roy

4. Stockton, this is a close call but Stockton wins with his defense

5. Rodman, I just like his attitude and he is a little taller

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1. Timmy - Fundamental and

1. Timmy - Fundamental and gets the job done...4 rings compared to 2 rings
2. Ray Allen - can find his niche in any offense and stretches the d...Carter needs to be "the guy"
3. B-Roy - I like his demeanor and tenacity on the court, I just don't see the drive in Joe, even tough Joe is as smooth as the come.
4. Stockton - all-time leader in assists and steals...I'll take John
5. Rodman - I've never seen an NBA, College, or any player on any level play as hard as Rodman. How are you 6'6 and grab 18+ rebounds a game for two straight seasons...the 5 rings don't hurt either

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timmy vs olajuwon = very

timmy vs olajuwon = very slight edge to tim duncan although i think a lot of younger fans might not really appreciate how close this comparison is. Hakeem was the man and dominated both ends. Could easily go wither way. Hakeem finished ahead of a prime jordan in 1993 in mvp votings and many thought he should have got it over barkley. BUt you cant find any holes in tims game and he is just too solid.

vince vs ray=ray. Vince in his prime was easily better then ray in his prime, unfortunatley vince didnt bring it a lot of years and the hype he had of taking jordans spot faded. Meanwhile ray continues to bring it to this day. Another very close comparison though.

roy vs joe johnson=roy. Roy still needs to stay healthy, but his intangibles and ability to finish a game and force his will on a game a slightly better then joe's who often lets the game come to him.

nash vs stockton=stockton. Nash's best years are better then stocktons best years because he can score at will and can beat anybody off the driblle as an offensive threat. However, stockton had a better career. And since im basing this off career, i cant ignore the fact that nash was barely even all star the first 8-9 years of his career.

rodman vs wallace=rodman, assuming you can deal with his attitude. One knock on rodman was that he was a front runner. Put him with great talent and he did his job. But he was a big distraction on some good teams(spurs/lakers) and probably would have been downright awful on a bad team. Still, his talent and accomlishments trumps what wallace brought to the table.

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1.Duncan or Olajuwon?

1.Duncan or Olajuwon? Olajuwon, yes we missed out not seeing him much in the 80's.
Duncan isn't the defender or shot blocker Hakeem was and he never put forth a playoff performance close to Hakeem's 95 run. Also David Robinson guarded a lot of the big name Center in 2 of his championships 99,03.
I think you forgot about Duncans free throw shooting thats a big hole 48% in the playoffs so far, the career average of 69% in the regular season isn't too bad but in the playoffs over his career 8 yrs under 68%. Also he wasn't the MVP of the Finals in 2007 either. Hakeem wasn't a great free throw shooter but I think he wasn't is risky as Duncan.

2.Vince Carter or Ray Allen? Allen he was more clutch see winning shot in Game 4 2008 Finals.
Has Carter even been to a Conference Finals yet? He's played with Jason Kidd, RJ for a few years too.
He takes too many jumpers for someone with that much athletic ability.

3.Brandon Roy or Joe Johnson? Brandon Roy he's younger and just getting started, Johnson is a lil older though only 29 but he might have peaked. Johnson isn't as aggressive as you'd like.

4.Steve Nash or John Stockton? Stockton a better defender and very clutch they didn't play the high scoring up tempo as much as the Suns which tends to increase your stats. Nash is more turnover prone too.

5.Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace? Wallace both her great rebounders and defenders but Wallace actually had to guard big time Centers like Duncan, Shaq in big games. Also Rodman played with Hall of Famers Isiah, Dumars, Jordan, Pippen not Wallace fault he might've played with just 1in Billups. Rodman wasn't the shot blocker Wallace was either.

Rick Fox has as many rings as Larry Bird but I doubt anyone would argue that Fox is even in Birid's league.

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I just want to say before

I just want to say before people compare the whole Hakeem & Duncan thing...Hakeem played in the Jordan Era...It was pretty tough to win back then. & as already said, Hakeem simply dominated both ends of the floor. Offensively he was unstoppable with the ability to hit turnarounds, spot ups, drive, soft touch, ability to finish above the rim...Defensively he didn't allow anything to get by him without trying...as evidence of being the Number 1 Shot Blocker in the NBA's History. Hakeem carried a bunch of role players in the 94 season to the Championship. 95 is when he got some "Star" power help in Drexler. He took out some great teams on his way there too.

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1.I'll love the hear guys

1.I'll love the hear guys arguments over who was the better player Duncan or Olajuwon?
Hard to pick between Olajuwon and Duncan (especially since im a rocket fan)
The Dream was one of the best if not the best (offensive) player especially with his array of moves
But, I Pick Tim Duncan, he is the greatest Power forward to ever play,
He is a winner, and he is the One Constant in a team, every other guy may do bad
but Tim Duncan Is the COnstant of a team, he is a great leader,great defender, great post player,
2.Vince Carter or Ray Allen?
Ray Allen, He got Game. Clutch.Great Shooter. I would have picked Vince, but i fell like he never maxed out his potential, he shot to many 3's and Jumpshots at his Prime when he could have just
Gotten to the Basket at Will. Also He never won despite being in good teams (or Teammates)
3.Brandon Roy or Joe Johnson? Brandon Roy, He is Young, Athletic, A Good Leader and Clutch,
And i believe he has a good future ahead of him maybe averaging 28-30 Points 6-8 assists rebounds in his prime
4.Steve Nash or John Stockton? Steve Nash, I know yall are saying that John Stockton played good defense and all, but with steve you have a player who can Pass and Score, He's a fantastic 3 point and freethrow shooter and has a great court vision which stockton also has
5.Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace?
Dennis Rodman, he invented the word HUSTLE he did all the little thing for his team to win
Dived for loose balls, rebounded, and he never wanted more than what he was asked.
And he was the greatest rebounder in the golden era of basketball

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Duncan or Olajuwon. If you

Duncan or Olajuwon. If you actually grew up and seen both play it should not be a contest. I am not taking anything from Duncan because he is a beast but he luck up and got drafted by a team that was 50 wins or more for like 12 years before they had a terrible season before his draft. Olajuwon competed hard against Celtics teams in his younger days and also Bull teams in his later years. Offensively he could score from anywhere. He was also a monster on defense. He played Center a great deal of the time and even went a Shaq in Shaq younger days and owned him. Duncan never made Shaq look as dumb as Olajuwon did.

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1. Tough. I don't know...

1. Tough. I don't know... I'll go with Duncan. Hakeem didn't have any holes in his game and did win two rings, but we all know that Jordan was retired one year and came back late the next year. IF Jordan never retired, it's highly possible that Hakeem would be on the list with Malone, Stockton, Ewing and Barkley as players who couldn't get a ring due to playing in the Jordan era.

2.Vince Carter or Ray Allen? - I'll go with Ray. VC was probably better in his prime, but Ray was an All-Star caliber player also. Ray is undoubtedly the better player in the late stages of their careers.

3.Brandon Roy or Joe Johnson? Roy. More aggressive and clutch.

4.Steve Nash or John Stockton? Stockton. Stockton was tougher, more aggressive and the better defender. Nash is a joke on the defensive end.

5.Dennis Rodman or Ben Wallace? Rodman. Despite the distractions, Rodman was an elite rebounder and defender. Wallace is a poor man's Rodman.

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"Duncan never made Shaq look

"Duncan never made Shaq look as dumb as Olajuwon did."

Shaq was just a baby then though... You could still smell the enfamil on his breath lol.

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Olajuwon, this isn't

Olajuwon, this isn't close...even as great as Duncan is....you disagree look at the numbers

Ray Allen

Brandon Roy

John Stockton

Dennis Rodman

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Rodman vs. Wallace

1. I have to go with Duncan. Duncan is one of the best midrange shooting big men of all time. Great defender and a solid inside game. Olajuwon was unbelievable but not on the same level as Duncan
2. Vince. I love ray allen to death but Vince was so dominant at one point
3. Brandon Roy is a better player overall. Brandon can do everything that Joe Johnson can and vice versa but Brandon is a little bit better of a scorer
4. This a hard one but if i have to go with someone it has to be stockton. Both great passers but Nash can't play defense
5. Rodman was the most ferocious rebounder basketball has ever seen. He was a great defender as well and every bit as important as Pippen on the bulls championship teams. Wallace is great but Rodman had crazy rebounding skill

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Duncan and Olajuwan.. pretty equal

Duncan and Olajuwon are both incredible players. They're up there with the all time greats and are really comparable in all facets of the game. Olajuwon was more athletic, but Duncan has incredible basketball IQ to make up for it. To argue that Olajuwon played better D than Duncan is a joke. Duncan is one of the best defenders of all time, right up there with Olajuwon... olajuwan just had more counting stats (steals in particular).

2) Ray Allen over VC. Vince carter's attitude is enough to disqualify him.

3) Roy is the better player. Johnson has already hit his peak, give Roy a few years and we'll see that he's better.

4) Stockton. Defense is definitely the difference here... but Nash's best seasons are probably better than Stocktons due to shooting dominance.

5) Rodman was better at rebounding, obviously... so on the bulls he makes more sense. But if I need to defend a dominant big man? Give me Ben Wallace. The guy was the best player on the Pistons. He was the real FInals MVP when they upset the lakers.... few players could hope to defend shaq in his prime

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1.Olajuwon: My favorite

1.Olajuwon: My favorite all-time player along with Dirk. The 'Dream Shake' was nasty. Great defender. And no one could rock the accessories like Hakeem did. Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist bands. I'm probably being too bias in this since I hate the Spurs too.

2.Ray Allen: Mo money. Sweet jumper, great scorer. Not the flashiest SG to play the game, but gets the job done.

3. Roy or Joe Johnson. This is a close one. I'll have to go with Roy. Great leader and steps up when needed to be.

4. Nash or Stockton? Another tough one. Sure Nash should easily get the nod with the MVPs, which still seems weird saying that, but Stockton didn't play in the run and gun system Nash plays in. Don't get me wrong Nash is a great player, but I think Stockton was a little better.

5.Dennis Rodman for sure. He did what he did way longer than Big Ben has. Top notch defender early in his career, insane rebounded the rest of his career.

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