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Adam Morrison is now a scrub in the nba
but in his rookie year he was a 12ppg player

then he tore his ACL

do you think if he stayed healthy he would be a half way decent player in the nba today?

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yes, he can create his own

yes, he can create his own shot and he showed some promise in his rookie season...After that it has been downhill

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I think he could have been

I think he could have been ok. When he went down he lost a lot of development time and then other people on the bench stepped up and he lost his minutes. He could have been around a 15 ppg and a solid third option on most teams if he didn't get hurt.

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I just didn't see it in him

I just didn't see it in him from day 1. He took a ton of shots during his rookie year on a terrible Bobcats team. He shot poorly from the floor, and was burnt on a regular basis at the other end of the floor. He would be decent if healthy, but not a go-to player.

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Mike Miller

his max potential would have been like a Mike Miller type

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mike miller had hops and

mike miller had hops and speed when he came into the league and was a ok playmaker

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